Author Topic: Kane's Five On Friday [2019]--Player's Choice 1  (Read 15103 times)

September 20, 2019, 07:45:43 PM

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  Hello to everyone who has enjoyed “Kane’s Five On Friday’s” question and answer sessions, thus far. Prior to tonight, I have personally selected each question to ask Kane, during these sessions. But not tonight. Tonight, I’ve selected questions from some Veterans and New players who just want to get a good answer to a question the Evo wiki doesn’t cover.  To keep things friendly; I have left the persons who posed tonight’s questions, anonymous. And now, TO THE KANE, and the Kane’N’ized answers!!!

Sturger: Recently a player asked me this question. “We don’t know how much the armor will reflect, “to hit fireball (damage).”

1. I believe the player was referring to the “to hit fireball” damage reduction an Ice Steed can provide a mounted character. Is there a certain amount of “to hit Fireball” damage an Ice Steed can negate, Kane?

Kane: A well trained [Ice Steed] has the potential to reduce “to hit fireball” damage down to 0. This form of damage reduction is granted by a specific pet trait; which is currently only found on Ice Steed’s. Breeding, two, Ice Steeds is how to gain the “to hit fireball” reduction, pet trait, for your Ice Steed Baby.

 In closing, when I mention the phrase [well-trained], I am referring to the pet leveling system. The best possible “to hit fireball’ damage reduction will be granted by a level 50 Ice Steed, which has been breed with the special “to hit fireball” damage reduction trait. Keep in mind that your Ice Steed's “to hit fireball” damage reductions are countering your opponents total “to hit fireball” damage. There are many factors, and things can always change to balance out the mechanics, in the future.

Sturger: Very interesting, Kane. The first question was followed up by the player asking this: “We don’t know how much the Magma of Iron Forge will increase (to) hit fireball.”

2. I believe this question  is referencing the [Pit Lord Magma] augmentation. Again, is there a set-in stone number/percentage granted to a character’s “to hit fireball” damage when such an augmentation is socketed into gear?

Kane: Let me start off by saying the ‘to hit fireball” mechanics are customized on the Evolution shard. Another fact is the total amount of math involved. Perhaps players are unaware, but there is a lot of it; and this math is coming from multiple sources. In some cases, a reduction mechanic, but most “pf the to hit fireball” mechanics are in the form of a bonus to a character’s total “to hit fireball” base damage. That base damage is whatever is listed on the levelable weapon, or artifact weapon, that the character is currently wielding in combat situations.

  Lastly, I have not posted the some “to hit fireball” variables because I am not 100% happy with the mechanics, yet. When I am, happy, expect to see the “to hit fireball” mechanics listed, in depth, on the wiki; for all to see. If for instance, I had posted ‘current’ “to hit fireball” mechanics, the math would certainly add up as expected. However, due to the passage of time, there is the potential for new, or veteran, players to find themselves reading outdated information. When I hold mechanics, or other system information, back it is to manage the possibility of misinformation. By keeping misinformation at a minimum, I have found it helps stop the confusion, surrounding system mechanic, and allows me the leeway I need to make small tweak to this or that system, without messing around with what was fact yesterday.

Sturger: Well said my friend. Moving on to our third question of the night. Our mutual friend had one last thing for us to ponder.

3. In this question he wonders about Ancient Nightmare, and how these creatures influence the “to hit fireball” damage of a character?

Kane: This is a bonus form of “to hit fireball” damage which is based off of the level of the Ancient Nightmare, and the tier level of the pet trait that is tied to this damage bonus. As of now, this pet trait is only gained via Auction, and is applied by a special deed. Like the Ice Steed, the Ancient Nightmare’s special pet trait—bonus “to hit fireball” damage—is reliant on the level of the pet, and the tier level of the special pet trait.

Sturger: Interesting, indeed! A guild leader, provides our next question, they pointed out to me that some of their members were having trouble understanding the mechanics revolved around Shield Armor Rating.

When it comes to Shield Armor Rating—an aspect of the shards custom parrying mechanics—what is used to determine a character’s shield armor rating score. Is it the shield, by type, or the current visual pixel that the shield has possibly been changed to represent?

Kane: Shield Armor Rating is based off of the core shields armor rating, which is in accordance with OSI standards. There are no exceptions to the OSI standards in this regard. However, if a staff member—like myself—were to make a custom shield; we/I could play around with the “custom” shields Shield Armor Rating. When such an item is created by staff, a hint is likely to be given out to point players in the right direction of the Customs shields true Shield Armor Rating.

  In the event that a shield is changed—by staff—in appearance; the Shield Armor Rating mechanics still remain true to OSI standards.  A buckler is still a buckler, even if it would appear to be a lantern. Some, free to play shards, allow players to donate to have one item modified to fit into a different item slot.   

  For instance, a player might level a weapon to 100 (on another free shard) and then donate to have the fully leveled weapon modified to fit into their character’s ring slot. The Evolution free shard does not do such modifications to items. Staff, can/will ONLY change the appearance of an item. Item appearance changes are limited to the gear slot with which the original item fit onto the paperdoll. This also applied to the imagery that can be manifested. A buckler can be changed to appear as a lantern because the lantern shares the same item slot—and imagery slot—on the character’s paperdoll. So, if you want to be unique in appearance, staff can help with that. Doing more then that, is possible, but probably not at this time, or without a good reason/balance.

Sturger: Kane, you have mentioned that the new crafting system will, eventually, produce some of the best gear in the game, and that it will happen as time goes by.

5. Are you concerned, that the new crafting system, might make donating players feel alienated?

Kane: Yes, I am concerned. However, I am always concerned about new content and how it will affect (all) player perceptions of the shard. When it comes to those few players who donate regularly—and we are talking about the 1% of the 1%, here— they should continue to donating for the fun goodies that they find interesting, when they feel the need to do so.

  Just because, the new crafting system, has the potential to level the playing field, when it comes to a character’s gear selection of: weapons, armor, and jewelry, doesn’t mean the older gear that was donated for—or buffed with augmentation—is any less valuable. It simply means, that those who have donated, prior to the new crafting systems release, have a better chance of gaining new recipes, or ingredients, which will come out with the system launch, sooner/faster than those who have yet to gather a complete set of high-end gear.

 In the end, I envision a shard that allows all of its players to choose how they make UOE fun to play. Whether that fun is achieved through, donation, gameplay, or both; is up to that player, and I feel that that’s the way it should be. It should have always been up to players, on how they wished to have fun, when playing any online games, from the start. Wouldn’t you agree?

  Yes, Kane, I would most definitely agree. Fun should be defined by the player, and perhaps not by the game itself. Now, as fun, and enlightening, as all of these questions & answers were tonight, it is time to wrap things up. Make sure to stay tuned in for some ‘Five on Friday—Extra’s’. But after that I am all out of fun things to read about. I mean, at least until next week Friday. I promise… (hides under his writing desk) …I’ll come up with something.

            —Sturger— Editor UOE-Herald

                                                                       Five on Friday Extra’s

~~Kane: As of now, finding gear to balance the middle ground—any gear levels between new player and end game content—is hard. The new crafting system is all about improving how the in-game crafting/loot system progresses a player’s gear statues. Unlike before, this new progression will include all three of the following phases: new player, mid-ranged/Veteran, and end game capable. 

~~Kane: I have to have a reason for everything I do, because I still answer to Dante at the end of the day. I can’t just change things on a whim. The changes I make have to have a reason, and a good reason at that.

~~Kane: At first a steady stream of new recipes will be available to players. These new crafting system recipes will come out one at a time, and probably be mostly Temp gear related.