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August 25, 2019, 02:48:49 PM

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   Hello, Kane’s Five on Friday fans, we’re talking about New Shame Dungeon today, and the questions are so good, Kane kept his answer's short. Let’s begin…

Sturger: When I was a young adventurer, a new dungeon was formed out of the leftover pieces of Trammel Shame. It even came with a Sash…

1. Why is the Sash of the Pit a challenge to craft?

Kane: Well, when I was just getting started in the building process of New Shame Dungeon it was an item I created, without really knowing what I know now. The Sash of the Pit crafting process could have been designed better, but that is the catch 22. Hindsight is always 20/20; if you know what I mean.
  New Shame Dungeon, as you call it, was my first dungeon overhaul. Just like with all of the other systems, I have created over the years, it was the first piece of the grand puzzle. The piece you might call an alpha test.
  Everyone has their first (something) as a coder, New Shame Dungeon was my first dungeon overhaul that I had wanted to do since I took over as shard coder. That said, don’t let the little mistakes that are there take away from the fun content that is found inside. There is still much to be done in New Shame dungeon, so keeping that in mind, expect a few more tricks and tweaks to happen in the future. The game has evolved, and so will New Shame. All we need is time.

Sturger: I appreciate the Sash of the Pit concept and have even spent a relatively good number of hours in New Shame leveling up my Googles of the Pit. But I wonder about the new players who venture there.

2. What is or will be, the secondary purpose to New Shame Dungeon’s economic value? What I mean is: when a new player enters New Shame it’s probable that they will not know about the sash of the pit. So, what value—beyond the Sash of the Pit—does this revamped dungeon provide the new/veteran player base?

Kane: In the –Dungeon– Q & A session we’ve talked about my wishes for all of the original dungeons to be overhauled with a practical theme. New Shame has already started that process; but it may need a few more ‘this or that’s’ put into ‘here or there’ underdeveloped areas. In addition to that, the New Crafting System will provide many new ingredients, some of which will dropped as loot from the New Shame Dungeon denizens. In the end—when the New Shame Dungeon is running the way I envisioned it—years ago—you never know what the final boss, or his minions, might reward the adventurous player. A 120 PS or a special augmentation; that is suited for the environment into which it was discovered perhaps? 

Sturger: If any one went inside New Shame dungeon, they might think it over infested with evil denizens.

3. Was this area over population done on purpose; and if so, should players expect similar over population in other dungeon overhauls?

Kane: No, the overpopulation issue is a bug. There is a flaw in the granite elemental spawning system. The system makes more granite elementals then it is supposed to. This is because of the ambush code that is tied to the granite elementals. The system doesn’t realize that a granite elemental has been spawned upon ambushing a player, and makes a new check. Somewhere in this process more then one granite elemental is spawned and over population begins.
  To answer the second part of that question; the answer is again no. Over population was never the plan, for any dungeon overhauls… at least not for the moment.

Sturger: *Rummages through an old wooden chest* “Sash of the Pit x4, Goggles of the Pit x2, Pants of the Pit, Tunic of the Pit x3, Arms of the Pit x6, and a moth ridden pair of gloves of the Pit, Sturger speaks, in a half whisper, idlily to himself. “What am I going to do with all this stuff?!?”

4. With the coming of the new crafting system, will the ‘Sash of the Pit’ still be a viable item in a player’s gear selection process?

Kane: Yes! Very much so. More so then many players realize. Even though the Sash of the Pit is Randomly Number Generated, it has very powerful bonuses which improve a player’s, Ore Elemental, summoning capabilities. I am pretty sure no other items in the game grant the player base such a tremendous bonus.

Sturger: We have talked about monster and dungeon loot in previous Q & A topics. But how about something a little more specific. With the overall UO Evolution loot system in mind…

5. Is there a plan to improve upon the—Monster/Dungeon—loot system and boost the economic value of New Shame Dungeon?

Kane: Shame has always had an economic value, and while New Shame Dungeon is very different in several ways, it is still the same Shame Dungeon of old. New Shame’s economic value will get a large boost when the New Crafting System is released to the general population. The ingredients/resources found inside will be that economic value you and, probably, other players seek.
  When it comes to monster or dungeon loot tables, I am always willing to listen to reasonable opinions on the matter. Make a table, or list, and come have a chat with me about what might work better. Just make sure your reasons are to the point and valid. I am not one to care about what someone else had for lunch; and, in accordance with that stream of thought, “Because I think so,” is not a good enough reason to change game features.

  Well said sir, well said! But mostly ‘because I think’ that is all we have for this edition of Kane’s Five on Friday’s. All you, K-FoF, fan’s out there, make sure to come back for the next Q & A session; where Kane will be digging deep in the development logs/vaults to answer questions about: [Skill Caps] & other such game values.

               —Sturger— Editor UOE-Herald

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~~Kane: When it comes to the end boss, found in the deepest pit of New Shame Dungeon, it may be the common elementals that will drop items that are necessary to summon the final boss.

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