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February 15, 2017, 07:03:38 AM

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L' draeval whol morad draws au ussta dalharen d'lil Har'oloth.

(The time for action draws near my children of the Underdark.)

 Resting deep within the 66th layer of the Abyss the Spider Queen stirs. For longer than any can remember the Nobel Houses of the Underdark have waged war upon each other to gain her favor. A cruel and bloody war that has brought pleasure and delight to the Drow Patron for many many generations. As she sat, gaze fixed upon the Majesty of  Menzoberranzan, she took notice of something peculiar, something that sparked her interest. Valsharess, a young Female Drow, was engaged in blood ritual deep within Arach-Tinilithbeseeching Lolth's favor. She had in her studies found a way in which the Dark Elves could venture in the light above and had devised a plan to bring those above in Britannia under the dominion of The Spider Queen. Intrigued with the idea Lolth sent one of her Yochlol to further look into the matter and discovered much to her liking. Certain the plan could not fail Lolth granted her blessing and allowed Valsharess to initiate her plan but made one decree. In order for there to be success “Ilythiiri z'klaen naut thalack xuil Ilythiiri.” (Drow must not war with Drow.) And with this, all who joined would be stripped of surnames to prevent fighting between the Noble Houses.Now Valsharess has placed the call, come join her, seek the favor of Lolth and aid in the destruction of Britannia. If you are up to this challenge? Contact Valsharess if this is so.

Guild Rules:
  • This is a role play heavy guild, it is important that you stay in character, especially when in public.
  • You must be in guild colors at all times as a sign of devotion to The Queen of the Demonweb Pits and guild unity.
  • Due to the mechanics of the game most events will be held in Felucca and will require you to engage in PvP.
  • Your persona must have a name that is appropriate for Drow, speak with Valsharess for assistance.
  • In accordance with Lolth's commands no characters are to use surnames, first names only please.
  • It is difficult being required to generate a new persona, re-train and equip. You will be asked to participate in assisting the Guild in doing various quests and Champion Spawns in order to help Guild members improve their characters.
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