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Neurion stood on the deck of the Raven. He was sailing for the land of Britain with an important message. As the vessel slide through the waves, Neurion felt his stomach turning. Soon he knew the fish and bread he had eaten would be working its way back up. Bracing himself on the railing he noticed it had gotten very dark. As he looked out across the sea he was griped with fear and panic. A large wave had blacked out the resting sun and was racing for the Raven.

Neurion jolted awake as he felt the air penetrate his waterlogged lungs. It took a few moments for him to catch his breath and the sun was bright in his eyes. As he began to look around his surroundings, distant thoughts danced through his mind. They seemed to squeeze out of focus just as he began to concentrate on them. The sent of some orfluer flowers snapped his mind back into focus.

Neurion wandered around the wooded area for a while. As the sun began to set he found an ā€œLā€ shaped building. After looking into the windows he came to the realization that it was empty. He made his way inside and found a cot to rest on. Before his eyes shut from exhaustion, several questions sprang to the forefront of his mind. Where was he? What was he doing? The most important question, who was he?
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Not bad start, really good use of English, nice grammar^^

Finally a RP post, cant wait for the rest
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