Author Topic: Guildwar event every Sunday RP+PVP  (Read 2654 times)

August 27, 2014, 01:12:16 PM

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We will be hosting a guildwar event every Sunday that will mimic the old dreadlord pvp style of combat.  Players will need to create a new alt character and train up skills to 700 skillcap and 300 statcap.  Choose a guild/group to join, which are Orc, Gargoyle, Elf, or Pirate to participate. 

We will then divide up the players into the opposing groups, provide limited gear and weapons, then siege each other's strongholds each week as an event

We have also added the XML Siege Warfare system, so you will be able to destroy walls and doors

Make sure you read the Roleplay section of the wiki and the rules before the event
I would like everyone to sign up for a TwitchTV account so we can live stream the event!

August 27, 2014, 11:01:24 PM
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Personally, I would like to see a 225 stat cap. This complements a 700 skill cap and "old school" (assuming this is the goal with the stated dread lord style) PvP.

Being able to put 100 into each stat doesn't limit you the way having to distribute the traditional 225 does. Just as one example, when making a hybrid character, you have to decide on the balance between your swing speed (DEX) and mana pool (INT).

As an aside, and this is only my preference, if your are doing old school style PvP events, AOS weapons look out of place. Double bladed staves, crescent blades, any of the samurai/ninja weapons, etc.

I have quite a few more thoughts on this, depending on how closely you are trying to mimic pre-AOS PvP.
Yes great, I overlooked those details, I agree with the old caps...but we are auto set atm to have a cap of 300.  Ill work on how to set up everyone fast for the events with a flag or gate to auto adjust everyone
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