War of Masters Quest

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War of Masters quest

Seek out the Guardian of Faith who lives in a monastery that is located far north of Luna in Malas.

You will learn the history of that place and also the locations of eight apprentices that had been personal armorers of the Masters. They were given magical crystals that can pose a great danger if those were to fall into the wrong hands.

Guardian of Faith

The Guardian of Faith needs you to bring him 8 different shards for safekeeping.

  • Shard of Power - held by Apprentice of Amaril
  • Shard of Wisdom - held by Apprentice of Wendy
  • Shard of Command - held by Apprentice of Rolan
  • Shard of Honor - held by Apprentice of Kagami
  • Shard of Rift - held by Apprentice of Spike
  • Shard of Future - held by Apprentice of Armar
  • Shard of Warden - held by Apprentice of Ewarr
  • Shard of Fortune - held by Apprentice of Adelie

Guardian of Faith rewards you with a special robe if you give him all 8 of the shards.

Apprentices have a chance to reward you with these shards along with equipment.

Equipment can be seen in Morsax's Display hall.

Apprentice locations:

  • Apprentice of Adelie - Inn of Royal City.
  • Apprentice of Ewarr - north east of Minoc, near the stables.
  • Apprentice of Armar - inside Honorable Arms in Trinsic.
  • Apprentice of Kagami - Cultural Center in Zento.
  • Apprentice of Rolan - behind Britain bank.
  • Apprentice of Wendy - near the docks in Magincia.
  • Apprentice of Amaril - southeastern part of Heartwood.
  • Apprentice of Spike - inside Prate's den guild in Buccaneer's Den.

Visit them to learn what you need to do.

Spirit Guardian locations (They drop ragged armor pieces):

  • Fandancer Dojo
  • Ancient lair
  • Far east of New Haven
  • Beginner dungeon

Shard Golem locations (They drop gem fragments):

  • Blackthorns castle
  • Yomotsu mines
  • Palace of Paroxysmus

There may be other locations to find that are not publicly known.

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