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Publish 44 - January 2018

Update 217 New Year


  • Task Event System Added: While this will be used for the new monthly events it does have many other uses that will be explored. The idea is simple: You get a new task, you complete the task to get a point. Collect points to reach milestones and gain rewards. For the next milestone the rewards can be seen and chances to get it are shown. You can get multiple rewards. More info will be provided as there are tons of features in this.
  • Commands Updated: New commands for accessing and testing TES
  • MerchantFramework Updated: Added new data elements for TES
  • TES - New Task Deed Added: New task without a time delay
  • TES - Complete Task Deed Added: Completes your current task and gives you a new task without a time delay
  • TES - Milestone Bonus Deed Added: Increases the chance of each reward item being awarded for the next milstone, these do stack.
  • TES - Daily Reset Deed Added: Once you complete your daily task goal you can use this deed to reset the count to gain the reward an additional time.

Update 218


  • BaseJewel Updated: Should correctly display Luck and Luck Cap info in the info block
  • Spellweaving Updated: Change for new everlasting item

Peerless Storage Key Added: New key for storing the rare ingredients from Peerless mobs (Needed with the upcoming consumables being craftable)

  • EverLasting Spellweaving Focus Added: As the name states

Luck Cap Increase Deed: This works only on Jewelry or Talismans that can be socketed, normal cap is 200, this deed will allow for it to be as high as the number states

  • Mystery Chest - Event Deeds Added: Equal chance of any of the 4 deeds

Britannia Dragon Cloak Updated: Now displays actual percent to get a point rather then rounded.

  • Tiamat's Degree Added: Weapon augment that increases the chance for a point with the cloak by 5%

Update 219


  • Peerless Storage Key Updated: Scourge is now displayed and 2nd Taint has been removed
  • Task Event System Updated: Added a new command that will allow you to target without the gump coming up
  • Task Event System Updated: Corrected issue with how the data file was loading.
  • Task Event System Updated: Functionality behind putting the data back together, re-coded and now more dynamic.

Update 220


I made some changes to this month's Task config, you will now see an increase in the possible rewards for doing your Daily Tasks Goal.

  • Ghost Champion Updated: Added new flag to determine the original champ
  • BaseChampion Updated: Sets flag based on original champ
  • Crown of Champions Updated: Now uses the flag to determine orginal champ rather then original method.
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 2 new items
  • Task Event System Updated: A few sanity checks, better handling of the last milestone and a few exploit checks and logging.

Update 221


  • Task Event System Updated: New config for February loaded, new tasks, rewards and each daily task goal reward is different. (Still tons of work to do)
  • Task Event System Updated: Automated Monthly reset and logging results
  • Pet Potions Updated: Resolved an issue with them deleting the entire stack rather then single use.
  • Black Belt XP Bonus Deed Added: Gives points to your black belt if it is light green or above
  • TES - Remove Delay Deed Added: Using this deed will remove any delay you have for your next task.

Publish 45 - February 2018

Update 222


  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: Crafting tables added (New crafting system)
  • Glimmering Crystal Quartz Added: +5 Tactics Augment
  • Glimmering Smokey Quartz Added: +5 Eval Int Augment
  • Increase Backpack Deed Added: +25 items to your backpack, max increase of 200;
  • Increase Bank Deed Added: +25 items to your Bank, max increase of 200;
  • DynamicChecking Added: Framework functionality for new systems
  • Keyed Key Updated: Now checks when making a new key that the player is the lockbox owner
  • Package System Added: The ability to create packages in config files contained in a single item to be double clicked and opened. Can be sent to a player as well
  • Task Event System Updated: Now handles consumables
  • Consumabled Updated: Found a few small bugs while working on that went unnoticed during the xmas gift test. Should be resolved and now stacks as intended, will be testing this again
  • Consumable - Iron Milestone Sand Added: Will add the bonus to any milestone achieved until it expires. Max Tier 3
  • Consumable - Iron Task Sand Added: Reduces the cooldown delay based on the tier until expires. Max Tier 3

Update 223


  • Evo Coin Raffle Stone Updated: All of the rewards have changed, this has been a long time coming. As we get feedback there may be more tweaks heads.
  • Raffle Ticket Deed Added: Free raffle tickets
  • Powder of Invidia Updated: Was originally intended to only work on crafted weapons, now checks for Artifact and Exceptional props before applying. Also will now follow the caps of crafted weapons.
  • Hide and Seek Updated: Now handles being called by the DES
  • Daily Event System Updated: I coded this so long ago, now we things far enough to start using it. Hide and Seek elements added.

Update 224


  • Package System Updated: Just a few tweaks to improve some of the displays
  • Dynamic Reward Updated: Now handles group tags for item creation
  • Evo Coin Slot Machine Updated: Moved over to a config file so we can update as needed or desired now.

Update 225


  • Commodity Deed Updated: Should display the correct commodity now. If there is still a display issue let me know, your item is still there so relax.
  • Base Armor Updated: Now displays Str, Dex and Int Requirements
  • Base Weapon Updated: Now displays Max Level in the form of "Level: 5/15"
  • Dump Command Updated: Can no longer target Token Trash bags (Exploit)
  • Daily Event System Updated: Now can handle champ spawn and messages
  • Task Event System Updated: Added a Confirmation gump when refreshing a new task.
  • Making good progress on the Recipe Craft System and is in testing

Update 226


  • Commodity Deed Updated: Changed the display code to handle some of the blanks found this week.
  • Commodity Deed Updated: Due to the potential for scams, all transactions are logged now (Creating/Filling/Emptying)
  • Base Armor Updated: Spelling issue with requirements and found a logic bug with the display
  • Base Cloth Updated: Now displays all three stat requirements
  • Daily Event System Updated: Display issue with message corrected
  • Daily Event System Updated: Now handles a randomly selected object for the champ event
  • Daily Event System Updated: Can now select a champ to run once a week at a specific time.
  • Stone Circle Updated: Now checks if for a locked down public gate is in the area.

Publish 46 - March 2018

Update 227


  • Keyed Ring (Lockbox) Updated: Can now be emptied when double clicked
  • Evo Settings Updated: Now handles the Daily Event System polling timer
  • Raffle Stone Updated: Now can change the fee for entering
  • Task Event System Updated: New command to reset the monthly event just in case a mess is created, like this month
  • Task Event System Updated: Correct code to handle the month end and reset reporting
  • Task Event System Updated: Display issue with % chance of a reward

Update 228


  • Commodity Deed Updated: Resolved a few display quarks
  • Time Master's Key Added: The key holds Speed Up Deeds (Currently only tasks at this time, the key will be updated as we expand systems) (ToDo: Add current task deeds because I forgot)
  • Evolution Controller Updated: Now handles the chance for loot on dungeon chests
  • Ronin Spirits Updated: No longer award experience since are summoned
  • AFK Captcha Updated: Changed the dynamics of what is being asked
  • Raffle Ticket Deed Updated: Resolved a display issue regarding how it stacked
  • Raffle Ticket Deed Updated: Can now target other tickets to combine
  • Everlasting Bandages - Druidic Updated: Cleaned up the display
  • Monthly Task System Updated: Added Help Feature, I will work on the test this week and can be updated in game
  • TES Speed Up 1m Added: This deed will reduce the cooldown between task by 1 minute (The entire deed is consumed no matter how much time is reduced or if over)
  • TES Speed Up 3m Added: This deed will reduce the cooldown between task by 3 minute (The entire deed is consumed no matter how much time is reduced or if over)
  • TES Speed Up 5m Added: This deed will reduce the cooldown between task by 5 minute (The entire deed is consumed no matter how much time is reduced or if over)
  • TES Speed Up 10m Added: This deed will reduce the cooldown between task by 13 minute (The entire deed is consumed no matter how much time is reduced or if over)
  • TES Speed Up 15m Added: This deed will reduce the cooldown between task by 15 minute (The entire deed is consumed no matter how much time is reduced or if over)
  • TES Speed Up (Any) Added: This deed will reduce the cooldown between task as displayed (This deed will not go into the Time Master's Key, it is special) (The entire deed is consumed no matter how much time is reduced or if over)
  • Dungeon Treasure Chests Updated: Entire loot table redesigned. Greater chances for finding rewards and more chances for finding rewards. You can find TES Speed Ups and the key in these chests now.

Update 229 - St. Patrick's


  • Package System Updated: Now uses the new Dynamic Reward functionality.
  • Evolution Controller Updated: Flag for tracking specific functionality for issues
  • Dynamic Reward Updated: Added functionality to allow adding multiple roles based on the configuration, can be of the single item or entire table
  • Leprechaun Gold Updated: Now can be used to recharge the Leprechaun Green Beer
  • Lucky Tavern Slot Machine Updated: Now has a chance to drop Leprechaun Treasure Chest Keys in addition to the normal rewards at higher prize tiers
  • New Trait - Green Beer Added: Adds 50-200 luck for 3 hours. This trait has 5 tiers, each added the same amount of luck
  • Leprechaun Green Beer Added: Adds the Green Beer Trait when used, each mug can be used once each day. Takes 100 Leprechaun gold to add a use.
  • Leprechaun Chaotic Wand of Gold Added: This want will allow you to change gold to leprechaun gold. The amount you can change over a period of time, the time and how much it takes is is random and displayed on the wand.
  • Glimmering Dark Jade Added: +5 to Magic Resist augment
  • Glimmering Blue Sapphire Added: +5 to Spirit Speak augment
  • Greater Weapon Level XP Deed Added: Adds the number displayed of XPs to your weapon and add any needed levels up to 100
  • Weapon Level XP Deed Added: Adds the number displayed of XPs to your weapon up to the max level
  • Pet XP Deed Added: Adds the number displayed of XPs to your pet
  • Armor of Kas [Chest] Battle worn Added
  • Mystery Chest - Kas Updated: Added new battle worn
  • Mystery Chest - Augment Updated: Added new augments
  • Treasure Chests Updated: Luck is now factored in for the chance of special loot
  • Leprechaun Treasure Chest Keys Added: This key will remove the lock and trap of a Treasure Chest (In dungeons) and provide a bonus for special loot as stated on the key. Each is usable once.
  • McTavish's Adventurer Boot Added: New rare key version of the original key. This holds all of the original items plus Leprechaun Treasure Chest Keys

Update 230


  • Black Belt XP Deed Updated: Display issue.
  • TES Gump Updated: Help button now displays all of the time
  • Package Item Updated: Saved the needed package data
  • Leprechaun Wand Updated: Was creating a useless phantom leprechaun gold piece
  • Dynamic Reward Updated: Better handling of tags and new struction for factors

Update 231


  • Dungeon Treasure Chests Updated: Serialization issue
  • Dynamic Rewards Updated: Single function to handle item creation
  • Mystery Chest Updated: Improved error handling
  • TES Updated: Data List can now handle multiple arguments, this is needed for crafting
  • TES Gump Updated: Delay time should correctly display.
  • TES Updated: Improved test commands.

Publish 47 - April 2018

Update 232


  • Item Binding Added: Interface for binding players/accounts to items. Also allowing for limited duration binding, rebinding of items, binding delays and permanent binding(Like the black belt). Relax this is not going to become a normal thing, just a few things I want some limited kind of binding on which is called minor binding, not perm.
  • BaseJewels Updated: First base to get binding added to it, just want to make sure things go smooth.
  • Power Crafting Updated: Added new powder (1 while we test this new code)
  • Event Traits Added: 2 new traits for Easter
  • Enchanted Easter Egg Added: Randomly applies one of the new traits that deal with tasks for 3 hours, can be used once per 2-8 days (Random). Costs 50 Lep Gold per use
  • Package System Updated: Can now select from a list of hues
  • Task System Updated: Expanded the staff command for more information
  • Glimmering Flint Added: +5 Archery Augment (1 Slot, Armor and Jewerly)
  • Dispater's Iron Shield Added: +5% Spell Damage Increase Debuff (This is a defensive prop that will lower the SDI of someone casting spells at you directly (1 Slot, Shield)
  • Pet Power Skulls Added: Select a Pet PS for 105, 110, 115, 120
  • Wild Practitioners Essence Added: New powder used to increase the armor set (Morsax's quest gear). I only released one of these while it gets tested and we make sure the math is right. I did not do the quest and the info I had to work with has been limited. help me get this right and the other gear sets will get powders done.
  • Ring of the Guardian Added: Copper and Bronze, rings that provide bonuses with crafting these special powders and using them. (These have minor binding)
  • Spell System Updated: Now handles the new augment, I am slowly going to roll out the new system in pieces so we can very specific parts at each step.

Update 233


  • In Game Wiki Added: New in game help system can be accessed with the [wiki command. The information can be updated without the need for restarts

Update 234


  • Blood Ring: A Healing base ring for the month of May with 31 stages. Stages can be increased by applying a blood diamond to the ring. The ring will display the base chance of increasing when you run your mouse over it, you will also get a luck bonus and bonus from the specific kind of blood diamond applied that will NOT be displayed. Each stage has an equal chance of applying 1 to 2 points of the following groups: Primary Skill, Secondary Skills, Primary Attribute, Secondary Attribute and Resists. The first time the skill groups are selected the ring will determine which group will be applied from that point forward.
  • Primary Skill: Healing/Anatomy - Veterinary/Anatomy
  • Secondary Skills: Magery/Eval Int - Parry/Tactics - Bushido/Tactics - Animal Taming/Animal Lore
  • Primary Attribute: Bonus Dex/Bonus Int/Bonus Str
  • Secondary Attribute: Bonus Hits/Bonus Mana/Bonus Stam
  • Tertiary Attribute: Regen Hits/Regen Mana/Regen Stam
  • Resists: All

Blood Diamonds can be found by doing certain tasks, achieving your daily task goal (100% chance), milestones and a few other events/ways that will be announced during the month.

  • BaseHealPotion Updated: Added functionality to check for Traits
  • ChampionSpawn Updated: Old code never was updated to correctly handle errors
  • Blood Diamonds Added: The item used to increase stages in the Blood Ring. There are different versions, some offer a bonus to the chance for the blood ring to increase when applied. Simple [+0%], Common [+5%], Uncommon [+10%], Rare [+20%], Legendary [+30%], Mythical [+100%]
  • Blood Beaker Key Added: Storage of Blood Diamonds.
  • Title System Updated: Pulled specific title functionality out of the core code and into the specific title.
  • Mother's Breath Consumable Added: New item added based on which intensity will provide you with an hour long bonus to the amount healed with potions, shorten the delay between healing potion uses, provide healing and anatomy bonuses. They will be as rewards during the monthly Task Event as rewards.

Publish 48 - May 2018

Update 235


  • Runebook Updated: Exposed entry count for the task system
  • Domino's Deco Deeds: Added 9 new items
  • Blood Diamond Updated: Added some error catching code just to make me feel better
  • Blood Diamond Updated: Improved error handling
  • Bonded Blood Diamonds Added: New kind of blood diamond

Update 236


We will be running an exchange program to replace all rings on the shard at this point, any ring at stage 1 is pointless to exchange since no blood diamonds were used on it and all changes were logic based. I do apologize for the error and thank you to the players who brought it to our attention.

  • Blood Ring Updated: In cleaning up code I caused an error that incorrectly verified skills
  • Blood Ring List: When the server came up it created a list of all blood rings for the exchange program
  • Exchange Command Added: Staff used and explained

Update 237


  • Debugging Updated: Improved Logging
  • Config Champion System Updated: Improved handling of mob numbers
  • Dynamic Reward Updated: Improved error handling
  • Task Event System Updated: Added new event styles
  • Task Event System Updated: Task and Delay messages are now part of the config and can be changed daily
  • Speed Up 15m Updated: Corrected display and data
  • Demented Tinker Updated: Mob updated
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