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Donation Specials

On occasion we will offer specials on items and Evolution Dollars

Holiday Specials

We usually offer specials or discounts on the major holidays

Subscription Specials

Donation Subscriptions help the shard budget expenses each month and are greatly appreciated. As a reward for doing a continuous monthly subscription you will receive DOUBLE Evolution Dollars each month along with the current month's bonus items for that tier!

The bonus is intended for a long term subscription and not a one-time donation. If you are going to make a subscription please don't start and stop. You CAN adjust the amount to as low as a dollar or up to a higher amount, so please keep that in mind when using the subscription option.

How do I get Double Evolution Dollars for a donation?

1. If you make a monthly subscription, you get double ED each month!
2. Donate using Bitcoin, you get double ED for a limited time
3. Donate over $300 and get double ED!

Note: Many guilds and friends pool their money to make a large donation as a group to get the double ED and to get the higher tier free bonus items and then split!

Contact dante for help or details

Note about Specials

  • Specials never stack, you may not combine any bonus or offers together, ever
  • Double Evolution Dollar Specials are doubled one time only, they cannot be added with any other special or offer
  • We NEVER offer Double Double or triple ED, please don't ask
  • The max offer is 2x the base ED amount
  • The Admin will calculate and deliver the proper amount per donation
  • Please don't abuse the subscription option by starting and stopping over and over each month
  • Specials do change monthly, and may only be offered one time
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