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Donation Specials

On occasion we will offer specials on items and Evolution Dollars

Holiday Specials

We usually offer specials or discounts on the major holidays

Subscription Specials

How do I get Double Evolution Dollars for a donation?

1. If you make a monthly subscription, you get double ED each month!
2. Donate using Bitcoin, you get double ED for a limited time
3. Donate over $300 and get double ED!

Note: Many guilds and friends pool their money to make a large donation as a group to get the double ED and to get the higher tier free bonus items and then split!

Contact dante for help or details

Note about Specials

  • Specials never stack, you may not combine any bonus or offers together, ever
  • Double Evolution Dollar Specials are doubled one time only, they cannot be added with any other special or offer
  • We NEVER offer Double Double or triple ED, please don't ask
  • The max offer is 2x the base ED amount
  • The Admin will calculate and deliver the proper amount per donation
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