Vampire Quest

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Vampire Quest

Quest giver: Bram, The Vampire Slayer
Starting Point: A small church to the NE, outside of Umbra
Quest Reward: Cleric Book, choice of rewards

An old Vampire Hunter seeks the help of a brave adventurer to help rid the land of evil vampires!

Read the book, search for the Blood Trees, which are found in Tokuno, Ilshenar, Ter Mur and Malas. Around the trees, spawn the Vengeful Spirits, kill them and collect empty vengence gems.

Next, go to the Sorceror's Dungeon and slay the evil Vampires. After killing a vampire, click on the empty vengence gem and target the vampire corpse, the gem will fill up with a vampire spirit and turn red.

Return to the church and pay the stone with the Vengence Gems and collect your choice of rewards from Bram, the old vampire slayer

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