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Publish 9 - January 2015

Update 48


Code Fix/Debug:

  • CompleteCraft: Found another issue, does not seem to be causing freezes but extended debug info so we can resolve it

Freeze Fixed:

  • The shard has been up and online for over 2 weeks, no downtime, no freezes

Item Updates:

Britannia Dragon Cloak:

  • One of the gem dragons was not registering a kill
  • Note: The cloaks are socketable, but...only a completed cloak can be socketed!
  • Note: There are many versions of this cloak that can be made. By using runic sewing kits, having high skill level and high luck will make the stats vary. Also note that depending on the type of dragons you kill to complete the cloak, can alter the final type/stats.
  • There is a display in Serpents Hold that shows the 4 types of base cloaks that can be crafted. These were made with no runics. If you want to see the display of the "perfect" set of cloaks made with runics, you can look at the display in the donation room in Trinsic.

Other items:

  • Yard Elf: Spelling error
  • Personal Dye Tub: Cleaned up some of the code.

Pet Updates:

  • Pet Info Gump: Checks for open gumps before progressing

Tokuno Content Added (coming soon for the 4th Anniversary - testing):

  • Belt of Tokuno (Black Belt)
  • Region: Added Temple lock down areas
  • Added 8 Dojo/Temples
  • Temple Monk Added
  • Temple Priest Added
  • Temple Monk/Priest AI Added
  • Moving Trap Added
  • Temple Metal Door Added: These doors can only be opened by damaging them or picking them, damage is repaired over time.
  • Ancestral Cloth Added
  • Tailoring Updated

Monster Updates:

  • Minotaur Captain: Reduced the amount of damage it does with its crushing attack
  • Spirilix code updated
  • BaseAI Updated
  • Gem Dragon Update
  • Ancient Dragon Update
  • Special Dragon Update

Update 49


Website Updates:

  • Updated Wiki
  • Updated new player guide and links
  • Updated Website
  • Added Calendar

New Pets:

Tokuno Content:

  • Added/Remodeled Dojos
  • Temple Warrior AI Added
  • Temple Archer AI Added
  • Britannia Dragon Cloak Updated: Display issue
  • Sohie (Temple Guards) Added
  • Yamabushi (Temple Guards) Added
  • Ronin Spirits Added
  • Ancestral Cloth Added
  • BaseTempleTrap Added
  • Temple Fire Trap Added
  • Temple Samurai Added
  • Temple Weapons Added
  • Emperor's Favor (Magery, Sword, Taming) Added


Arcane Acid Updated: Returns the Arcane Rune name to the default
Arcane Rune Updated: Info messages in the wrong order

Personal Dye Tub Updated: Now can be locked down and used
Uni Dye Tub Updated: Can do items in your house

Update 50 - 4th Anniversary


4th Anniversary Update! Thank you all for supporting this project for the past 4 years. This is truly a milestone for me and all of the players who have made this a great community!

A special thanks to Kane for all of his hard work and dedication to UO Evolution. He has helped me stabilize the server, create new content and had added 50 updates for us!

Updated WIKI
Updated Website
Updated New Player Guide
Updated Roleplaying Guide


  • Black Belt System and Tokuno Content Expansion added
  • Tokuno Treasure: Artifacts do not drop in the temples/dojos
  • Britannia Dragon Cloak Updated: Adjusted the function that handles stage points, eased it up.
  • Moving Trap Updated: Tweaked timers, added decay rate, damages players and controlled
  • Fire Trap Updated: Added decate rate, damages players and controlled
  • Ancestral Spirit Added/Updated
  • Lightning Strike Updated: Can now be used by mobs
  • Sohie Updated
  • Yamabushi Updated
  • Temple Samurai Updated
  • Temple Monk Updated
  • Temple Priest Updated

New Commands:

  • Staff - Console Command - Online: Displays player location (Map, x,y,z)


  • GiftBox auto-deleting issue resolved

New Items:

  • Anniversary 2015 Box added
  • Evolution Brazier Added
  • Auction Deco Added: Red Logo Banner, Shoe Cabinet, White Tree in a planter, small water well
  • Emperor's Favor (Magery, Sword, Taming) Updated
  • Emperor's Favor (Necromancy, Tactics) Added
  • Yard Dante Added: Have your very own Dante with funny remarks

Update 51


  • Gold Panning: Brilliant Amber can now be found

Pet Leash and Shrinking Updates:

  • Pet Leash: You cannot shrink the pet when poisoned
  • Pet Leash: Now checks item and weight of the backpack before shrinking, if you are overweight it won't shrink.
  • Pet Leash: Pets won't go wild while shrunk (Never seen it happen before but some say it can, it is now prevented)

Housing Update:

  • House: If you leave a house and there is something not locked down, there will now be a message informing you of it.

Beekeeping Update:

  • Bee Hives: The gump will only open now for the owner of the house.
  • Bee Hives: Only one gump will be open per hive

Spell Damage Cap Updates:

  • Base Weapon: Hit Spells now enforce the SpellDamage cap in PvP (15%)
  • Base Weapon: Hit Spells now uses Arcane Focus just as the spells would.

Black Belt Updates:

  • Belt of Tokuno: Points adjusted (up to red belt not changed, everything else lowered a lot)
  • Belt of Tokuno: Now displays the name of the current rank
  • Belt of Tokuno: No longer displays points, instead it gives a precent complete to the next rank.
  • Belt of Tokuno: Can not be dyed, color will change back if currently dyed.
  • Emperor's Seals will now only work when progress is locked

Update 52


  • Moved patch to a faster download location
  • Added the custom Hue File to the patch/client
  • Updated Wiki

Black Belt Update:

  • Added Black Belt Display room in Tokuno
  • Belt of Tokuno: Cleaned up some of the bonding code
  • Belt of Tokuno: White belt display fixed
  • Belt of Tokuno: Belt showed 100% when not at 100% due to high points

Systems Update:

  • Gold Panning: Cleaned up the bonus resource table
  • Plant System: Bowls no longer display the cliloc error
  • XMLSpawner: Allow corpse renaming when mob is spawned
  • Mysticism: Turned off, the system in this form is just broken. After I clean up the shard of any pieces of this system, it is will removed and replaced with one functioning

Item Update:

  • Evolution Brazier: Resolved permission issue
  • Magical Elf: OnThink process was out of order
  • Jewelery Key: Added Brilliant amber
  • NPC Mage: Will now buy scrolls again (This is going to be a work in progress)

Publish 10 - February 2015

Update 53


  • House Drops - Removed 1700+ old/inactive accounts from 2012-2013
  • Museum Curator: Converted over to a mobile script rather then XMLSpawner
  • Adding more locations to the Tomb Raider System
  • Tyrant Chests: Treasure maps found in these will only be for the Felucca facet
  • Valetine Deco Added
  • Yard Teddy Bears Added
  • Fishing: You can now raise the fishing skill to 120 with just normal fishing now
  • Treasures of Tokuno: 2 players seem to be having issues, added a script to track the issue
  • Tailor Key: Added ancestral cloth

Update 54


  • Bio Engineering: Can no longer sample donation pets
  • Magical Elf: Alive checks were in the wrong order
  • Pet Restore: Altered the crafting requirements (we will see if this works better)
  • Tyant System: A few things out of sync from last weeks issues
  • Mithril Champ: Should be working now, will put back in the game.
  • Mithril Chainshirt (alt) added: This is an alternate, not a replacement piece. With some suit setups you would not get the resists, so made an alt with Hit Chance 10% and no resists.
  • Reagent Key: Added Dragon Blood

Hunger Games

We will be bringing it back, better then ever. The prize for winning will be unique, one of a kind and something every player on this shard will seek. This weekend will be a practice round, this is a chance for you to get some experience playing the event and me experience running it. My desire is to run this each weekend. There will be no teams, how you choose to interact with other contestants is up to you.

The prize: If you place in 1st, 2nd or 3rd you will be given points. These points will be placed on a very specific item to be named later. By winning repeatedly, you will be able to build your one of kind piece of equipment.

Friday the 13th

We have added some Friday the 13th events!

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

We will be running events all weekend

  • Valentine's Day Card (Blank)
  • Valentine's Day Card (Event)

Cards will be given out to players that are online, you will get them in your backpack several times this weekend. Collect all 12 of the cards and page staff, you will win of one of the yard Teddy Bears. This event may cause you to interact with other players, you have been warned. All cards will be deleted after the event.

Cards: the orcs of Orc cave, the crafters of Cove ,the Harrower, Vecna, the Trinsic Knights, the mages of Moonglow ,the murderers of Red city, the tyrants of Felucca, the paragons of Ilshenar, Spirilix, the Ice queen, Paroxysmus, the Magi Dragon.

Update 55


  • Hunger Games Updates
  • Deed exploits fixed
  • Powerscroll Key: Added powerscroll credit

Update 56


  • Honey Vendor Stone and Slumgum Stone added to the Ilshenar Savage Camp, new items and deco

Hunger Games Updates:

  • Hunger Games Region Added
  • Hunger Games: No res
  • Hunger Games: No hiding or stealthing
  • HG Moongates: Random locations where you end up now.
  • HG Scan: Allow staff to bounce from player to player in the game
  • Hunger Games: When a player is killed during the game it is announced, winner is now announced as well.

Update 57


New Items:

Updated Skills:

  • Tracking Updated
  • Reveal Updated
  • Detect Hidden Updated

New Properties:

  • Obscurement Property: This is the percentage bonus added to avoid being tracked
  • Avoid Detection Property: This bonus is used to avoid detection from both the skill and spell.

New Items:

  • Dr Doolittle's Wilderness Shirt
  • Sash of Fog Added: Item uses the new properties
  • Cloak of Fog Added: Item uses the new properties

Item Updates:

  • Green Tunic (old) updated: Flip issue
  • Red Tunic (old) updated: Flip issue

New Deco:

  • Zoe's Teddy Bear (White and Panda): Will give cookies when double clicked once every 6 hours
  • Nasty Teddy Bear: You might like him but he won't like you.

Update 58


Runic Tool Updated:

  • Runic Saw Updated
  • Runic Fletching Tool Updated

Hunger Game Updates:

  • Crafting Def for Fletching Updated: Wanted logs rather then boards
  • Crafting Def for Carpentry Updated: Wanted logs rather then boards
  • Shadowstrike no longer works on Hunger Games Island
  • [cs Will no longer work on Hunger Games Island
  • Hunger Games Island: Light Level always day
  • Report Murderer Gump: Doesn't show on Hunger Games Island
  • Insure Items no longer works on Hunger Games Island
  • Artifact drop function checks if on Hunger Games Island

New Weapon Ability:

  • Weapon Ability Added: Greater Bleed (Leech)

New Pets:

  • Manticore Ethereal Mount Added (can get up to 1000 luck added)
  • Manticore Pet Added: Mountable pet, has the weapon ability greater bleed and shoots spikes at anything hostile within 7 tiles, breath weapon and 4 slots. This is fun...
  • Basecreature Updated: NoKillAward flag set to true when a mob animates

Publish 11 - March 2015

Update 59


  • Report Murderer Gump: Doesn't show on Hunger Games Preparation Room
  • PlayerMobile: Added bonus properties

New Systems:

  • Title System Added
  • AOS functionality expanded to handle Title System

TMap Update:

  • TreasureMapChest Timer changed: It is now random between 15 and 30 minutes.

New Items added for St Patrick's Day:

  • Emerald Wine Added
  • Emerald Rum Added
  • Emerald Mead Added
  • Golden Pot Added
  • Emerald Pot Added
  • Blarney Stone Added

Update 60


We are in the process of replacing the old vendor stones with a completely new and custom purchase method, please be patient with us as we move from the old to the new system.

Items will now have an individual brass sign in front of them. When you double click the sign it will bring up a gump with a description and currency requirements.

  • Created Purchase Sign
  • Fixed Exploit/Bugs

Update 61


Event Updates:

  • Hunger Games: Should not be able to report someone now.
  • Updated Region data file: Added Hunger Games Preparation Area
  • BaseCreature: Added an origination flag

System Updates:

  • Luck System Updated: Added more functionality for a bonus based on player luck score
  • Tyrant Chest: Chests now drop with a base chance + bonus derived from the player's luck score
  • Tyrant Wand: When a wand is used, it will double the chance of a chest.
  • Title System: Resolved a few issues regarding the removing of titles, no longer has any ghost AOS properties being applied after restarts.

Publish 12 - April 2015

Update 62


Easter Update:

  • Short Easter Basket 2015 added
  • Tall Easter Basket 2015 added
  • Evolution Easter Egg 2015 added
  • Easter Lily 2015 added
  • Tree - White Tapestry added
  • Purple/White Chair South added
  • Purple/White Chair East added
  • Chocolate Easter Bunny 2015 added
  • Easter Bunny Statue 2015 added
  • Rabbit Belt added

New Items:

  • Bulk Order Deed Box: Multiple types of this item, allows you to increase the material of a Bulk order deed that is placed within the box for the required amount of time.
  • Sxeh's Ancestral Shirt: 6 different skill sets with the chance of 1 or 2 skills.
  • Golden Nugget Egg

New Quest:

Easter Egg Quest:

Collection quest NPC, collect all 12 of the different colored Easter eggs and turn them by saying complete for a random prize. You can do the quest as many times as you desire for the month of April.

  • Rabbit Golems: Some things do bite...

Major Exploit Fixed: Vendor Stone Issue

Update 63

Update fixes


Update 64


  • Junk Golem added: Has a chance of being spawned when the rabbit golem is destroyed
  • Added secondary explosions, less damage then initial
  • Purple chair should work properly now
  • Lucky Bunny Slippers added
  • Easter Egg Hunt updated to include new loot

Update 65


  • Animal Trainer now checks gold ledger first when stabling (Marrack)
  • Easter Egg: Re-coded how the egg number being dropped is calculated
  • Egg Drop rate on rabbits can now be managed in game (Think: Egg Power Hours)

Update 66


New Items:

  • Evolution Coin Slot Machine: Jackpot is currently a set of Master Keys
  • Plate Helm of the Royal Guard Added
  • Shame's Iron Forge Tunic Added
  • Shame's Iron Forge Arms Added
  • Shame's Iron Forge Leggings Added
  • Shame's Iron Forge Gloves Added
  • Open Mage Chest Added

New Deco

  • Welcome Mat Added: Greets players stepping on it
  • Purple Stone Chair Added

Quest Update:

  • Ore Rabbits and Junk Golems now have a chance to drop Paragon Chests

Update 67


Quest Update:

  • Event Power Hour command was comparing against the wrong array.

Update 68

Bug Fixes, quest update

Publish 13 - May 2015

Update 69


Bug Fixes, added slot machines

Update 70


Mother's Day Update

Script/Tech Updates:

  • Small Bod: OnResponse incorrect
  • Large Bod: OnResponse incorrect
  • Ranged weapons no longer will drop ammo
  • Potion Kegs updated for Mothers Kiss
  • Potion Enum: Added Mothers Kiss
  • Alchemy Craft Updated
  • Generic Quest Item Updated: Option added for it to expire

New Items:

  • Mythic Amber Added
  • Ancient Amber Added
  • Legendary Amber Added
  • Everlasting Bandages Added

New Mother's Day Items:

  • Mothers Kiss Recipe Added
  • Bundy's Fancy Dress
  • Mom's Cookie Jar (Deco) Added
  • Mom's Cookie Jar (Yard) Added
  • Zoe's Cookie Jar (Cookies) Added
  • Mother's Day Bathrobe Added
  • Mother's Belt (Grabbed/Altered from another quest)
  • Mother's Cloak (Grabbed/Altered from another quest)
  • Mother's Eyes (Grabbed/Altered from another quest)
  • Mothers Day Quest NPC Added
  • Mother's Kiss Potion Added (Healing potion type)
  • Nimble Feet
  • Shipman's Dress
  • Glimmering Basalt
  • Talisman of Nimble
  • Totem of Mother Nature

New Deco:

  • Mom's Quilt - 2015 Added (Deco)
  • Mother's Day Rose - 2015 Added (Deco)
  • Herb Basket Added (Deco)
  • Orange Flower Added (Deco)
  • Blue Flowers Added (Deco)
  • Hanging Mother's Day Robe - 2015 Added (Deco)
  • Red Lady Bug Added (Deco)
  • Green Lady Bug Added (Deco)
  • Fan Display Added (Deco)
  • Fire Pit (brick) Added

Update 71

Small Update, minor fixes for mother's day events

Publish 14 - June 2015

Update 72


Father's Day Update

Event Updates:

  • Father's Day Quest added
  • Event Controller Added
  • Stag Golems Added
  • Poacher Added
  • Game Warden Added
  • Trophy Skulls Added
  • SpellWeaver's Essence Added
  • SpellWeaver's Essence Recipe Added
  • Alchemy Crafting Updated
  • DooLittle's Life Potion Added
  • DooLittle's Life Potion Recipe Added
  • Taming Crafting Updated
  • Poacher's Blade (Shield/Ruined forms) Added
  • Game Warden's Lenses (Head Gear/Ruined forms) Added

Gold Pan update:

  • Gold Pan Key (Holds nuggets and gold pans) Added
  • Three Finger Jack's Gold Pan Key (Holds nuggets, gold pans and gems you get from gold panning) Added

New Items:

  • House Shoes Added
  • Swamp Boots Added
  • Armored Swamp Boots (can be socketed) Added
  • Dad's Fishing Pole Added (Starts at 15, you can find deeds to increase to 75)
  • Dad's Fishing Pole +5 Deed added
  • Velocity Deed +60: If a ranged weapon has 50, it can be increased to 60 with this deed.

New Monster Code:

  • BaseMonster Added - This is going to be one of the steps between BaseCreature and the Monster Mobile
  • Undead Wyrm Added - Test monster using BaseMonster

Socket System Update:

  • Disarm Lock Augment (Ancient, Legendary, Mythic) Added: Weapons that have this augment have a chance to prevent disarm
  • Glimmering Coral Added (+5 fishing)

Error Fix:

  • KeyGuard Command handles the Everlasting Bandaids properly
  • Potion Keg handles DooLittles Life and SpellWeaver's Essense
  • Voting Stone: Added proper error checking to the OnResponse function
  • Server Console: Was not checking for null input
  • Voting Stones: Added error catching

Update 73


  • Gate System: Better handling of the Termur map
  • Added new Termur Gates and Locations to explore
  • Dad's Fishing Pole had incorrect starting skill
  • Voting Stones: Added some random prizes that can drop from voting
  • QuestNPC: Added some new lower tier items so there will be less things like.. bank checks
  • QuestNPC: GetOnlineName was added along with new features

Jurassic Park Island Event

Added new Jurassic Park Dinosaurs and Monsters

  • Velocirator
  • Raptor
  • Tyrannasaurus
  • Tyrannasaurus Rex Boss
  • Indominus Rex Boss
  • Giant Crocodile
  • Giant Lizard
  • Giant Iguana
  • Minisuarus
  • Dino
  • Ridgeback
  • Jabberwocky


There are three Shadowlords and thus one for each of the Anti-Principles: Hatred (Astaroth), Falsehood (Faulinei), and Cowardice (Nosfentor).

They drop the Candle of Love, Book of Truth, and Bell of Courage, the Shadowlords are the embodiment of their respective anti-principles. (more info and storyline soon)

Reopened the Blackrock Dungeon Added new items to the Blackrock Vendor stone

I think I found one of the freeze issues with some of the keys (crosses fingers), so we will see how this goes.

Update 74


  • Key System: StashEntry Updated - Expanded error checking
  • Key System: StashEntry Updated - Gump will now provide debug info when opened.
  • Key System: Property issue keys (Jewelry, Armor, Weapon, Clothing, Armory)
  • Britannia Dragon Cloak Updated (Points needed could increase in very specific situations)
  • Blackrock Compendium Added
  • Talisman of ThreeFingerJack Added
  • Bookshelves (3 different/Flip) added
  • Shame's Iron Forge Bracelet Added
  • Gift Box - June 2015 (It can give any item on the June Monthly Quest Loot Table)

Publish 14 - July 2015

Update 75


  • Purchase Sign: Expanded to handle purchases with the GenericQuestItem
  • BaseCreature Updated: Extended to handle Title System
  • PlayerMobile Updated: Extended to handle Title System
  • TitleSystemControl Added: Core functionality between Titles and Mobiles
  • TitleSystem(Mobile) Added: The structure and code for Mobiles
  • Profile Updated: Displays Titles
  • AutoSave Updated: Cleans up expired Titles on PlayerMobiles
  • ChatSystem Updated
  • Lesser Essence of Iron Added: Allows your pet to absorb some damage for 3 minutes
  • Essence of Iron Added: Allows your pet to absorb some damage for 4 minutes
  • Greater Essence of Iron Added: Allows your pet to absorb some damage for 5 minutes
  • RecipeScroll Updated: Can now require recipes before using one.
  • Potion Keg Updated to handle new potions.
  • BaseCreature Updated: Added damage buffer
  • The Emperor's Dragon: Staged Talisman that gains experience by killing Temple Samurai. Base chance for experience point is 15 + luck bonus. Talisman will end up with 2 +10 skills from the same list as Mark of the Travesty.
  • Talisman of the Moon Updated: Improved Equip Check
  • Talisman of Flame Updated: Improved Equip Check
  • Belt of Tokuno Updated: Won't force colors when completed on restarts
  • Belt of Tokuno Dye Tub Added: Will allow you to color a completed Belt of Tokuno
  • Emperial Wand of Fireworks Added
  • Disarm Updated
  • Taming Craft Updated: Issue with the Dr DooLittle Recipe
  • Yard Confucius Added
  • Taming Updated: Retaming pets will not force a generation of the breed count.
  • Terracotta Pots Added: (Yard item) Will reward home owners will random rewards.
  • Tokuno Napping Pillows Added
  • Dr DooLittle's Life Potion Recipescroll: To use the scroll you will need alchemy 120 and vet 125.

Update 76

Minor fixes for the last update

Update 77

The [grab command was removed - details to follow

Update 78


  • Grab Command Updated: This will currently work exactly like the claim command until I figure out how to resolve a few issues. I have tied this command directly to the last few freezes
  • Ethereal Mount Updated: Better error catching
  • FireCracker Event: Updated the defaults for when restarts happen it will return to normal

Update 79


  • Emperial Dragon Champ Added: This champ will be located on the Tokuno facet (maybe fel as well), the champ has a rare chance of dropping a random key (Yes, Master key is on the list)
  • Champion Spawner Updated: Champs can now spawn items/traps in addition to mobiles
  • Purchase Sign Updated: Bug when handling generic quest item
  • Player Mobile Update: All commands will now be throttled to 1 command per 0.5 seconds.
  • Player Mobile Update: Staff can now turn off the ability to use commands (Can be used if scripts go crazy)
  • Grab Command Updated: It is now back to working like it used to be, will be watching to see if causes any issues. Please make sure your scripts are not abusing this command or the command will be altered.
  • Loot Bag Updated: You can only carry one..
  • Ancestral Mobile Tag: When mobs die in Tokuno there is a chance of it coming back to existence as a Ancestral
  • Ancestral Cloth: Now available as additional loot on Ancestral Mobiles.
  • Vote Command Updated: Will now bring up your browser with the wiki vote page.
  • Dr DooLittle's Life Potion: No longer will consume the whole stack
  • Vendor Stone Updated: Can now be used for purchasing items with the Generic Quest Item
  • Bag of Grain Added
  • Sheaf Of Hay (Food) Added
  • BaseCreature Updated: Now handles the new food items for Grain and Hay
  • Miller Updated: Sell new food items

Update 80


  • Console Update: Just a little too much debug info
  • Emperial Champ Update: Exploding traps strength increased
  • Emperial Champ Update: Stage 4 mobs over all strength decreased.
  • Command Buffer: Reduced to 1 command per .25 seconds.
  • Farmer Updated: Sell new food items
  • Glimmering Imperial Topaz Added: +5 Bushido
  • Glimmering Black Jasper Added: +5 Ninjitsu
  • Event Controller: Now we can keep track of quest item count and kill counts.

Update 81


Minor fixes/updates

Update 82


  • Add Command: Changed information format to add more detail
  • Emperor's Dragon Talisman Updated: Will give a message now just like the cloak
  • Emperor's Dragon Talisman Updated: Base Chance for points number was reversed.. (oops)
  • Pet Leveling Deed: Corrected the way ability points are handled and corrected name so players would know this does not handle Max Level
  • Pet Level Deed: Corrected name so players will know this handles Max Levels
  • Hakama of the Ronin Added: Random Stats
  • Hakama of the Shogun Added, Random Stats
  • Hakama of the Emperor Added: Random Stats, Armored
  • Tokuno Pillows [Limited Edition]: These make sounds as you walk by them when locked down at your house

Update 83


  • Emperor's Dragon Talisman: StageIncrease was not working on this item due to the change in how points were awarded, resolved and will correct itself on restart
  • Emperor's Dragon Champion: Key drop chance is now 50/50. Good luck!
  • Talisman of Mother's Nature: Special ability works from the paperdoll now.

We have a few major systems that have been either on the design board or in the middle of coding for quite some time, this is one of them so I am rather excited about finally getting this done. I have to thank Domino for her help with this as well because to be honest, I never would of been able to do what she did to make this happen.

Publish 15 - August 2015

Update 84


Bug Fix:

  • CliLoc Handler: I am not exactly sure of what the specific data that is causes the freeze here however the function is what I was looking for to freeze the server. Now has an exit catch to prevent it from running forever.
  • Pet killing exploit message removed, Pet Death flow corrected.
  • Everlasting Lockpicks Added: Not consumed...

New Deco:

  • Small Candle Added: Deco
  • White Pillar Added: Deco
  • Thin green tree Added: Deco
  • Petrified Spider Added: Deco
  • Scattered Boards Added: Deco
  • Carved Wooden Screen Added: Deco
  • HandOfCards Added: Deco
  • Barrel of bolts Added: Deco
  • Set of 9 vials Added: Deco
  • Marble Seahorse Statue Added: Deco

New Lockbox System:

  • Lockbox Added: These chests can be locked down at your house, they do not interact with normal house security. Special keys can be crafted/found that you can give to people to permit access.
  • Lockbox Key Added (Recipe available for crafting): These keys are used for the Lockbox's, they are specific to a player and lockbox.
  • Lockbox Brush Added (Recipe available for crafting): You can use the brush to clear a Lockbox, all current keys will no longer work after used. It can also be used to take ownership of a box if you have one from another player.
  • Gray Mouser's Toolkit Added (Recipe available for crafting): Having one of these in your backpack can help prevent some damage when doing puzzle boxes

Puzzle Boxes (New) Added: As some players like to say, the old ones have been Kane'n'ized. Where to start, same basic principle applies.. guess the right colors and win the prize. Luck is taken into account, as is lockpicking and remove traps. Special equipment can help as well. The more times you fail, the higher the damage. The loot table for these boxes can be updated in game during game play, so look for frequent changes as I attempt to create a fun new system for players to enjoy. Facet Location System Added: First let me say thank you to Domino, she stopped playing for 3+ weeks in order to create a file that has over 4700 locations, by facet and location type. I really can't thank her enough on this one. This system will be used not just for puzzle boxes and other events but also Secret Vendors, Treasure Maps, Treasure Chests, Tomb Raiding and a few other new things we have on the list. This is the first step to a few other projects.

  • Toy Puzzle Boxes Added: Random reward when clicked, this uses the Puzzle Box reward system which allows me to update in game. You never know what you might get...
  • Grey Mouser's Lockpicks Added: Like everylasting but also has a skillbonus when used.

New Items:

  • Fancy Shirt of Fog Added
  • Pants of Fog Added

New Augments:

  • Glimmering Scoria Added: Remove Trap Augment
  • Glimmering Shale Added: Lockpicking Augment

Update 85


After player testing, we made some adjustments to the puzzle box system

  • Puzzle Chests now are named Puzzle Chest when you do a control shift
  • Puzzle Chest Timer reset cleaned up
  • Puzzle Chest Trap settings have been moved to the config file.
  • Facet Location: Cleaned up a bit
  • Puzzle Chest will now tell you if the chest has been tampered with.
  • Puzzle Chest: Added constructor to create by hand

Update 86

  • Puzzle Chests: Clean up a few lag issues

Update 87

  • Puzzle Chests: Completely recoded several of the primary and support functions so the entire system is self contained. (All testing shows lag is now gone)

Update 88


  • Crafting: Tinkering Updated
  • Crafting: Carpentry Updated
  • Crafting: Bowcraft/Fletching Updated
  • Craft Item: Recoded how coloring is handled
  • XMLSocket: Updated the targeting to handle the checks and control of the process
  • Socket Hammer (Weapon, Armor, Talisman/Jewelry, Golem) Updated: 2nd layer of checks to ensure process is followed.
  • Public Gate: Gumps now close when you move.
  • Mobile Update: Found a few instances where DoHarmful was not being called.
  • BaseAI Updated: Check Control Chance was not being handled in every situation.
  • Herding Skill Update: When a pet is used to attack a mob, if the mob has herding there is a chance the pet will refuse to attack. There is a 15 second cool down period before you can try again.
  • GetPet Updated: Now checks for in combat and if busy.
  • Pet Summoning Ball Updated: Now checks for in combat and if busy.
  • Hiding Updated: You can no longer hide while under the effects of Mortal Strike
  • Generate Loot Updated: Provides a little more info on the error message.
  • BaseCreature Updated: Added AttackerTimer
  • SkillCheck Updated: Added passive skillcheck.
  • Personal Teleporters: If you are beyond the 45 second vulnerability timer and less then 25% of your hits these devices will no longer work.
  • Evo User Manager Updated

Update 89


  • Craft Item: Updated Tailoring to the new format
  • BaseAI Updated: Better handling of pets
  • Augment/Socket Key Updated
  • Staff tools Updated

Puzzle boxes will be remaining a part of the shard, I am just going to change the timing.. add some different kind of loot items and such.

Publish 16 - September 2015

Update 90


This month, Pirates.. the crew of the Salty Dog will be landing some where on the shard, can you collect the 8 different Captain's Doubloons and turn them in for one of the 8 Admiral's Hats. Be warned, they take no prisoners..

  • Facet Locations Updated: Better handling of strings
  • Terracotta Pot Updated: Should always give something
  • Harvest System Updated: Added Pirate Maps
  • Combat Controller Added
  • Combat Controller: Enhanced Parry System Added
  • Pet Leveling Updated: Better handling of certain mobiles and added error handling
  • Turn In NPC: NPC can handle the turning in of multiple items, offer single or random reward. Dynamic, nothing hard coded.
  • Admiral's Hat: 8 different versions of these.. different skill sets all centered around combat
  • Emerald Pearl Earrings: Random stat item with up to 3 random skills
  • Emerald Pearl Sash: Random stat item with up to 3 random skills
  • Cannonballs Deco
  • Rusty Cannonballs Deco
  • Cannonballs Deco [Stolen from the Salty Dog]
  • Skull Mug [Stolen from the Salty Dog]
  • Pirate - Map
  • Pirate - Archer
  • Pirate - First Mate
  • Pirate - Captain
  • Pirate Beggar Added: Give him gold and have a chance at getting event items
  • Scattered Boards Updated: Fixed weight issue
  • Glimmering Emerald Pearl Added: Stealing
  • Glimmering Blue Pearl Added: Taste ID

Enhanced Parry System:

Lets start by explaining how parry basically used to work. Your parry/bushido skill was checked in a black box. It didn't matter if you were fighting a mongbat or a champ boss, if you had a 40% chance to parry then you had it for both. Also both skills together kind of worked against each other and yet bonuses were also provided.

In the new system every attacker and defender has a Base Attack Score and a Base Defense Score as follows

Attacker: BAS = (Combat Skill)% + (Anatomy)% + (Tactics)% + (Focus)%

Parry: BDS = (Parry)(Shield Type)% + (Tactics)% + (Focus)%

Bushido: BDS = (Bushido)(Weapon Type)% + (Tactics)% + (Focus)% Skill no longer determines if you are using parry or bushido, what does is how you are equiped.

Shield: Parry

Fist or Ranged: Nothing 1 handed or 2 handed Weapon: Bushido

Update 91


Small fix Update for 90

Update 92


  • Enhanced Parry System: Small code change in prep for the next stage
  • Pirate Event: Graphic issue with one of the deco items
  • Socket Hammer Talisman: Removed (caused the crash/old item no longer needed)
  • Augment Targeting: Improved the error catching just in case there is an old way to get access to the function.
  • Augment Key: Added the remaining augments that randomly drop from mobs
  • Staff Commands: Update permissions

Update 93


  • Special Teleport Pad: Can be used to allow teleport based on a percentage of hits, stam or mana the player has left
  • Sin Eater Added
  • Dungeon Fire Trap Added
  • Pirate Treasure Chest Updated: Permission issue
  • Tracking Updated: Checking for things to never display
  • Spell - Smite Updated: Should now be able to target.
  • Gold Ledger Updated: Checks for properties before picking up
  • Socket Hammer Jewelry: Error trapped (forgot to remove/writes sticky note)
  • Evo Key Added: A special storage key for new players
  • Restorative Soil Updated: This travel agent should now be closed
  • Druid Travel Spells Updated: Now follow the same checks as the mage travel
  • Region Updated: Added druid spell checks
  • Dungeon of Sin Region Added
  • Pirate Bartender Added (aka Swill Slinger)
  • Ancestral Updated: Should be created about half the current rate
  • Iron Clockwork Assembly Updated: Now will check the bank as well as your backpack for items needed to craft
  • Pirate Chests: Permissions corrected, players should be able to lift now (That was all my fault)
  • Dragon Cannon Addon Added
  • 18 Pound Cannon Added
  • Tier System Updated (Version 3): In the final phase now

Publish 17 - October 2015

Update 94


  • Emperor's Seals Updated: Handles craft changes with coloring
  • Belt of Tokuno Updated: Handles craft changes with coloring
  • OnCraft Updated: Now handles a new return value for special items
  • Storage Key Update: ASH and Runic tools can now be withdrawn as low as 5
  • Regions Updated
  • BaseAddon Updated: Added new virtual functions to handle generation method
  • Save time pushed to 60 minutes
  • TurnInQuestNPC Updated: Now handles GenericQuestItem
  • TurnInQuestNPC Updated: Added the ability to use multiple items of the same type
  • TurnInQuestNPC Updated: Rewards can be account bound, only 1 per account.
  • Pumpkin Hunt (Version 2): Now uses the Loot System to create to generate the reward.
  • Dungeon of Sin: First batch of monsters added (No details will be privided, good luck)
  • Dungeon of Sin: Teleporters expanded to turn off and on based on time of day.
  • Added 50 Deco Deeds: 50 (not joking) custom made addon deeds created for this month's theme, thanks to Domino for doing the deco.
  • Codex of the Hallows Added: Expo item

A good deal of code for the Dungeon of Sin is now in place, look for me to gather a group of more experienced players to do a test run on the champ boss. The champ mobs are no where near what I have for a finished mob but I do wish to test a few of the numbers currently being used. I figured this way I get to test some stuff without giving away to much knowledge :)

Update 95


  • Properties Updated: Expanded functionality
  • TurnInQuestNPC Updated: The ability to set properties on reward items
  • Pumpkin Hunt Updated: The initial announcement will state what facet it was placed upon.
  • BaseCreature Updated: Resist Stam Leech Added
  • BaseCreature Updated: Resist Hit Leech Added
  • BaseCreature Updated: Resist Mana Leech Added
  • CheckParry Updated: Bushido is now a passive check.
  • Virtues - Honor: Does not work in Dungeon of Sin
  • Autumn Deco Added (Domino)
  • Canadian Thanksgiving Deco Added (Domino)
  • Halloween Deco Added (Domino)
  • Witchhunter's Resolve Added
  • Witchhunter's Armament Added
  • The Fallen Added
  • Disciples of Sin Added
  • Sin Champ Controller Added

Update 96


Dungeon of Sin will be going into open testing mode today (most likely this evening). I want to stress this is vet content and even then, they are going to die. I will be expanding the mobs and drops quite a bit so it does not become stale.

  • Region - Dungeon Lock Down Updated
  • Region - Dungeon Updated
  • Region - Green Acres Updated
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated: This is just easier since everything was tweaked
  • Domino's Deco: 19 new deco deeds added
  • Loot System Updated: Improved testing function
  • Dungeon of Sin Added to the Loot System: General loot will still come from the normal system however all special loot is handled by the Loot System.
  • Core Updated: Things seem to be solid so taking the server out of discovery mode.
  • Harvester of the Dark Hallows Added

Update 97


  • Dungeon of Sin Update: A few tweaks here and there to improve playing experience
  • The Fallen Champ: Should not spawn all of the waves at once.
  • Tweaks should help resolve some specific lag issues
  • Cleaned up the log files on the server

Update 98


  • Dungeon of Sin Update:
  • The Fallen Champ Updated: Each wave will now be colored based on the sin
  • Chat System Updated: We found the lag issue, system should clean itself up now with each restart.

Update 99


  • DNA Sampling: Fixed a flaw that allowed restricted creatures to be sampled
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated: The Fallen champ now behaves as originally intended..
  • Shield of Sin Added
  • Necklace of Fire Added: Replaces the reward for the Necklace of Genesis quest (This is not the same necklace)
  • Huge Snakes Updated
  • Huge Snakes (2nd kind) Added
  • Naruto Quest Line Updated (Spawns will be updated today)

Update 100


  • Lady Melisande Updated: Enslaved Satyr issue should be resolved. Still need to clean up the messes caused.
  • DreadHorn Keys Replaced
  • DreadHorn Peerless System Updated: Moved over to the same system Travesty is on. (Just need to convert everything over in game now)
  • Use Best Weapon Updated: Now takes into account Archery weapon skill
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • Turn In NPC Updated: Issue handling Generic Quest Item

Update 101


  • Spellweaving Updated: Can now work to 120 (Of the dragon)
  • Spiked Shield Update: Was not firing off the correct damage functions in mobs when used.
  • The Fallen Champ: Reduced Disciple HPs
  • Avatars of Sin: Completely recoded, didn't add or remove mob features but the code is so much cleaner now.
  • Hiding: Recoded (There will be some testing going on so if you feel something needs to be changed, just pm me)

1. Under 120 or not engaged in combat with mobs close by will remain the same 2. Hiding with 120 and mobs directly engaged and close, there will be a delay (Math is the number of mobs you are fighting vs your hiding skill above 120). At this time you will still succeed, it is just not instant anymore.

  • Domino's Deco Added: Prizes for upcoming events

Happy Halloween!

Update 102


  • Apple Bobbing Barrel: Updated names of internal objects
  • Hiding Updated: Incorrect order and was checking delay when not needed
  • Monster Ability Updated
  • Avatar of Sins Update
  • The Fallen Updated: Disciples get harder with each wave

Publish 18 - November 2015

Update 103


  • Druid Spell (Enchanted Grove) Updated: Can now become corrupted by the powers of Sin.
  • Dreadhorn Lasso correctly named
  • Dungeon of Sin Updates
  • Loot System Update: Can now handle property assignments on the fly and random selection.
  • Turkey Hunt Added
  • Domino's New Deco Added

Stealable Content Added:

  • New stealables added in Felucca and Trammel Dungeons: Shame, Deceit, Despise, Destard & Hythloth
  • New Stealable added in Malas Dungeon Doom
  • New Stealables added in Ilshenar Dungeons Ankh, Blood & Exodus
  • New Stealable Shop Container Items added in Trammel Moonglow Mage shop, Jhelom Provisioner, Britian *Provisioner, Buccaneer's Den Bank, Felucca Red City Bank, & Red City Provisioner
  • New stealable Blacksmith Container Items added in Trammel Buccanners Den Blacksmith Shop and Britian Blacksmith Shop

Vendor Stone Updates:

  • Vendor stones updated: Haven New Player Gold Stone, Minoc Tools Stone, Library Gold Vendor, Red City *Token Stone, Savage Camp Honey Stone, Savage Camp Slum Gum Stone,Wine Token Stone, Wine ED Stone, *Shipwright Shop Token Vendor, Shipwright Shop Fish vendor, Halloween ED Stone (moved to Umbra), *Aquarium Shop Gold Vendor, Aquarium Shop ED Vendor
  • Vendor Stones Added: Shipwright Shop ED Vendor, Flower Shop Red Leaves, Flower Shop Orange Petals, *Flower Shop Green Thorns, Aquarium Shop Fish Vendor, New Dungeon Supply Stone, Library ED Vendor
  • Vendor Stones removed: Halloween Gold Stone, Halloween Token Stone, Blackrock Stone (pending update)

Update 104


New stealing system is now in place, anything on the server can now be stealable. Look for stealing quests coming very soon.

  • Core Update: Item Updated with properties related to the new stealable system
  • Stealing Updated: Checks for the new stealable properties
  • Regions Updated: Added a specific region for Temples to enforce game mechanic issues
  • Temple Region Update: Handle a few spell issues
  • Custom Vendor Stone: Takes tokens from ledger
  • Xanthos Safe Res: Placed an escape in a loop that become endless.
  • Twisted Weald Updated: Peerless should spawn as intended.
  • Enslaved Satyr Added: (New version)
  • Loot System Updated: Converted random selection over to a spintax base functionality
  • Ambush Spawner Updated
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated: Players wanted more Archons.. [New quests coming]
  • Turn in NPC Updated: Converted random selection over to a spintax base functionality
  • Domino's Deco Added: Fireplaces, Rugs, Unique Sin deco for auction

Update 105


  • Regions Updated: Temple Outpost now follows the same rules as the dojos
  • Temple Traps Updated: Better handling of certain situations
  • Stealing System: Added BaseStealableItem and BaseStealableArtifact
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • Trivia Token Added
  • Shrink System: Allured can no longer be shrunk.
  • Stable Crystal: Portable stable system in your backpack (Staff testing)
  • Bio Caps (Str, Dex, Int) should now be enforced upon creation and during routine checks by the system
  • Domino's Deco Added: 42 new addons
  • Stealable Content Added: updated the container stealables
  • Stealable Container Items:

-Bucs Den Blacksmithy Felucca & Trammel
-Umbra Blacksmith
-Gargoyle City Tinker Ilshenar
-Holy City Blacksmith Ter Mur
-Britain Mage Shop
-Luna Mage Shop
-Lakeshire Mage Shop

  • creating new christmas deco
  • added deco for Drow dungeon

Publish 19 - December 2015

Update 106


  • Carpentry Bulk Order Deed Updated: You should get them now at lower skill level
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • AmbushSpawner Updated: Added a gap between checks.
  • Loot System Updated: To handle the xmas quest requirements
  • Blackbelt Dojo Updated
  • TurnInNPC Updated: Can now handle dated tags to allow once per day quests
  • Santa Gift Added
  • Mrs Claus Gift Added
  • Elves Gift Added
  • Stocking Giftbox Added
  • Domino Deco Added: 18 items
  • Snowglobes Adeed: Like 300 different kinds, Kane'n'ized
  • BaseStealable Updated: Properties update correctly
  • Christmas Tree Axe Added
  • Expo Deco Added: 2 items
  • Christmas Deco Stone Added

Update 107


  • Carpentry Bulk Order Deed Updated: Some issues regarding materials (I officially hate this system and want to recode it)
  • TurnIn Quest NPC Updated: Handles Once a day quests
  • Dungeon of Sin Update
  • Loot System Updated: Improved the spinner
  • Christmas Tree Axe: Cleaned up a hanging Action

Update 108


  • Carpentry Bulk Order Deed Updated: More material issues.
  • BankCheck Updated: Changed the constructors
  • BaseCreature Updated: Assist staff in setting Notoriety
  • Scribes Tomb Updated: Add Spellweaving scrolls (Stormchaser)
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • Loot System Updated: 12 days of Evo Christmas quest functionality
  • Expo Deco Added: 3 pieces

Kas Quest NPC Updated: Cleaned up the check function

Tomorrow will start the 12 Days of Evo Christmas, each day there will be a different quest that will last for only 1 day. Do the quest and get a present that can be opened on December 25th. Each present is different and may contain some very rare items...

Update 109


  • BaseJewel Updated: Displays and handles new property
  • BaseTalisman Updated: Displays and handles new property
  • Fists Updated: Removed Pre AOS wrestling style
  • Parry System Updated: Attempting to balance the shield with regard warrior vs mage
  • Ore Updated: Handles new property
  • Player Mobile Updated: Drow skills added to start internal testing of the sub skill checking
  • Player Mobile Updated: Handles new property
  • Base Creature Updated: Handles new property
  • Base Creature Updated: Now have access to Hits, Stam and Mana regen rates so can be set per mob now
  • AOS Updated: New properties added
  • Curse Updated
  • Gold Ledger Updated: Handles new property
  • Level Item Manager: Should only work for crafted exceptional weapons
  • Level Up Scroll: Cleaned up some debug info
  • Luck Increase Deed: Cleaned up some old exploit prevention code
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • Talisman of the Eclipsing Flame: Just like a flame except the special ability is it will absorb curse spells, passive so it works automatic if charges are available.
  • Talisman of the Eclipsing Moon: Just like a moon except the special ability is it will absorb curse spells, passive so it works automatic if charges are available.
  • Powder of Acedia: Lowers the stat requirements of a weapon or armor by 5%, can be used multiple times on the same item.
  • Powder of Invidia: Used on a weapon with Hit Dispell, it changes that property to a random other property not on the weapon
  • Forge of Anger: Bonus to ingots when smelted using this forge.
  • Talisman of Invidia Added
  • Talisman of Acedia Added
  • New Property - Luck Bonus Percent Added: This will give a % bonus of luck based on the total luck the wearer has.
  • New Property - Gold Bonus Percent Added: This will give a % bonus of gold that is looted from creatures killed and into the gold ledger.
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