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Quest Artifacts

These are the most popular quest items, there are more available on request

Kas Chest
Kas Arms
Kas Gloves
Kas Cloak
Kas Legs
Kas Gorget
Kas Helm

(Select one piece from these armor sets) Fortune Armor
Hard Worker Armor
Bowfletching/Carpenter Armor
Shame Blacksmith Armor
Magi Armor
Mithril Armor
Astro Demon Armor
Pharaoh Items
Cursed Pirate Items

Helm of Vecna
Soul of Vecna

Talisman of Flame
Talisman of the Moon

Mirror Shield
Antiquity Gloves
Orc Skin Shoes
Titan Sandals
Zelda Sword
Dark Blade
Arianna's Earrings
Hercules Ring
Ice Cross Power Bow

You can also choose a Doom Artifact or a Treasure of Tokuno Artifact

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