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Public Chat Profanity Filters

UO Evolution makes every effort to make the shard fun for all and it is our intent to keep the public chat free of offensive language

That being said we cannot police the public chat 24 hours a day

I do recommend that parents set their children's profanity filter when they get their own account.

How to Set the Filter

Open Paper Doll --> Options --> Bottom Most Tab (on the right) --> Check Mark the Filter Obscenity Box.

This filter covers most swear words, though a lot has changed since 1997! To protect your child from a specific person, you can filter out individual players by selecting them from the list

Private chat and world chat are on different filter programs. One is built into the game mechanics, while the other is an additional filters

To filter out players from the public world chat: type [c --> click the "M" (at the top right) --> Check Mark the Public Box (found on the right under Channels) --> Then pick an choose names to filter from the list on the left side.

Things to note when filtering players from world chat

  • Filtered names/players are put on the Ignore list, under views. Going into the Ignore list allows you to lift a filter ban from players
  • When you type [c you are given a single list of names. This list depends on the channel, or channels, you have chosen to view. To view an entire list of names look for a single arrow-- pointing down-- just above the channel name you are currently in (always found top middle). Clicking this arrow shows you more names, alphabetically, until there are no more names to be found in the channels you have chosen to view.

TY Sturger for the filter guide/info

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