Powder Crafting

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Powder Crafting

First let me say this is for experienced crafters; it takes multiple high skills, resource gathering from many different aspects of the game, some special ingredients will be needed for certain powders and finally the Alchemy Garb is essential. There are three different kinds of power; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. For basic you will need 2 items, for intermediate you need 4 and for advanced 6 items.


Anything less then 120 and you will suffer some negatives when crafting powder. Powder grinding uses Alchemy, Cooking and Tinkering. Each skill or group of skills has an effect on specific powder properties. You will need all three skills and at a very high level.


There is a difference between a Powder Grinder and an Exceptional Powder Grinder, exceptional tools give crafting bonuses.

Alchemy Garb

Just having the garb isn't enough, if you invested into your gear enough to max the stage you will get additional bonus to your powder properties.

When a powder is crafted there will be 4 properties displayed with ??%. You need to use the skill Taste ID on the power, each successful check will reveal some of the properties. For each attempt the checks become more difficult.


Please know that as you play around with the system or find ways we can improve or simply want to discuss...just let Kane know. I like the system but the numbers can always be adjusted to be fair. This is the first step to some amazing new features that have players have been asking for. Just give us some time to get it balanced, also new powders and features will be coming.

Types of Powder

  • Powder of Pyrite - Changes Alchemy Garb into Leprechaun Gold. Lower end powder will give only a little gold but higher end powder can return over 50% of the Leprechaun gold invested in the gear.
  • Powder of Golden Goblin - Recharges the Ring of the Goblin King
  • Powder of Doolittle Protection - Can combine Doolittle Potions for longer duration
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