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Peerless Boss Monsters

There are several different Peerless bosses you may encounter. Peerless bosses usually have to be summoned at an altar with "key" items collected from the monsters that guard the Boss.

Peerless Quest Info:

There is a long chain quest associated with the Trammel Peerless Bosses. You must kill each boss and their minions to collect the required items. Gather the items from each area to earn a Peerless Boss Gem. Collect all 8 Gems from the 8 bosses and you get to choose a prize! Visit the Peerless Quest display room via a Moongate -> Custom Areas -> Peerless Quest Display to view what items need to be collected.

Page a GM to select your reward.
Current Reward Choices:

  • Levelable Evolution Cloak
  • Levelable Evolution Ring
  • Personal World Teleporter

Travesty - Citadel

The Travesty is a Peerless Boss summoned from within the Citadel on the Tokuno island of Isamu-Jima. The entrance is found in the SE Part of the island.

"She is a Changeling, first appearing as a small, floating, butterfly-like creature, then transforming into the form of the players attacking her."

In order to summon Travesty you need a set of 3 keys:

  • Red Key - Dragon Flame Key (Dropped by the Master Grand Mage)
  • Yellow Key - Tiger Claw Key (Dropped by the Master Thief)
  • Gray Key - Serpent Fang Key (Dropped by the Master Grand Executioner)

The Citadel is a vast labyrinth of difficult puzzles. You need to figure out each puzzle in order to gain access to the next room. When you get to the end you will find a summoning altar. Have all 3 keys in your backpack and double click the table to be teleported the Travesty's hideaway.

This is a very dangerous room, there are no resurrection ankhs, and if you leave, you will need the keys to get back inside. Attacking the Travesty directly will polymorph you, much like attacking Barracoon turns you into a rat. Your weapons will be unequipped leaving you more vulnerable.

Killing Travesty will cause a number of Black Order Mages and Warriors to spawn. Don't be overwhelmed after finishing a difficult fight.

Collect for Notary, Black Order Badge Quest:
Serpent Fang Badge
Dragon Flame Badge
Tiger Claw Badge

Collect for Peerless Quest:

  • Teakwood Tray
  • Eye of Travesty
  • Sushi Preparations
  • Travesty Collection of Shells
  • Serpent Fang Badge
  • Dragon Flame Badge
  • Tiger Claw Badge

Chief Paroxysmus - Palace of Paroxysmus

Chief Paroxysmus is a summonable Peerless boss located in The Palace of Paroxysmus deep in the swamps of the Lost Lands, down a sinkhole.

"A gigantic king, ruling from the underworld has returned to the surface bringing death, disease, disruption and disillusionment. His breath kills all flora and fauna in his wake. His skin leaks poison, his heart is pure ice. Everything in his path dies."

Collect for Peerless Quest:

  • Paroxysmus Lard
  • Paroxysmus Sweat
  • Cobra Venom
  • Poison Sac
  • Spider Fang
  • Gargoyle Scepter
  • Green Gargoyle Bone
  • Palace Keyring

Shimmering Effusion - Prism of Light

The Prism of Light is an amazing gem mine underneath the city of Nujel'm. Unfortunately the miners have dug a bit too deep and uncovered and ancient evil called the Shimmering Effusion. The effusion is protected by a large number of crystalline creatures, who guard the keys to the inner chamber.

In order to enter the dungeon you must first purchase a ticket for 10000 gold from the NPC who is standing near the entrance. The ticket will teleport you out of the dungeon if you double click it, which might come in handy if you get into too much trouble.

Collect for Peerless Quest:

  • Ice Talon
  • Frozen Bone
  • Captured Essence
  • Rock God Fossil
  • Icy Heart
  • Angel Feather
  • White Wyrm Heart
  • Ice Ring
  • Snowflake

Dreadhorn - Twisted Weald

The Dreadhorn is a corrupted unicorn that was poisoned when the Weald became Twisted. Twisted Weald is located inside the mushroom cave near the Spirituality Shrine in Illshenar.

Dreadhorn requires 6 items to summon:

  • Blighted Cotton - Ground spawn
  • Thorny Briar - Ground spawn
  • Gnaw's Fang - Dropped by Gnaws
  • Lissith's Silk - Dropped by Lady Lissith spiders
  • Sabrix's Eye - Dropped by Lady Sabrix spiders
  • Irk's Brain - Dropped by Irks

Once you have collected all 6 items double click the portal to be teleported onto the ship and walk forward into the teleporter to the island where Dreadhorn has been spawned. Dreadhorn hits about as hard as a Balron, but he has a huge amount of hitpoints.

While it doesn't cast magic, Dread Horn can use the Whirlwind Attack, Mortal Strike, and Armor Pierce abilities. Be aware that with its great strength, these attacks can be lethal even when well armored.

Collect for Peerless Quest:

  • Dreadhorn Lasso
  • Dread Flute
  • Dread's Revenge Kryss
  • Dreadhorn Mane
  • Pristine Dreadhorn Head

Monstrous Interred Grizzle - Bedlam

The Monstrous Interred Grizzle is a Peerless that spawns in the library found in Bedlam. Bedlam can be entered through the iron maiden in the Umbra healer shop.

"The Grizzle is the unfortunate result of a death ritual gone awry, a Monstrous Interred Grizzle is the remains (and quite literally the remnants) of man, beast or monster partially returned to life after some time has been spent buried beneath the land."

Monstrous Interred Grizzles are a giant melting pot of nasty body bits. Sloughing skin, trailing wet organs and missing (or misshapen) bones are common sights of these creatures. They leave a path of blood and other viscous fluids in their wake. This creature is a walking, oozing sore.

The Grizzle has a normal spawn timer, and requires no items to summon.

To enter the Grizzle's library, you will need a password. A book containing this password is dropped by Master Theophilus in the Bedlam crypts. Once you know the word, speak it while next to the slave on the stairway leading to the library and the gate will unlock for a moment. Enter quickly.

The Monstrous Interred Grizzle is capable of Mortal Strikes and Armor Piercing, as well as a dangerous area life drain. Like a succubus, Grizzle can drain life energy from nearby creatures, but the range of its attack is far greater, at least within 8 tiles of the creature. This can kill unprepared warriors quickly. Either heal quickly, or use magic from outside the drain range to attack.

WARNING: This monster has an acid attack and acid blood that dissolves your armor and lowers durability on all your items.

The Jackalope, Ice Queen , Alien and Bruce Lee also use this acid attack

Collect for Peerless Quest:

  • Grizzled Bones
  • Grizzled Skull Collection
  • Grizzled Maggots
  • Cult Sash
  • Grizzled Skull
  • Grizzled Head
  • Red Death Mane
  • Glob of Grizzle

Lady Melisande - Blighted Grove

Lady Melisande is located on a large branch of an ancient tree in the Blighted Grove. A Feral Treefellow guards the approach, it's best to engage and kill it before attacking Lady Melisande.

"Lady Melisande was once a dryad devoted to a powerful tree in Yew. The swamps destroyed her tree and her lands, cursing her in the process. Her touch upon the land now taints and corrupts."

While Lady Melisande may have lost all her beauty, she is nonetheless extremely formidable. Her power, once used for the good of nature, is now entrenched in the evil that causes her immortal pain. Her spindly fingers clutch at the souls of humans and Elves venturing in her path.

Lady Melisande will randomly spawn Satyrs as you fight her, they continually use peacemaking to defend Lady Melisande.

Collect for Peerless Quest:

  • Melisandes Fermented Wine
  • Lucky Horseshoes
  • Nox Stallion Head
  • Witch Staff
  • Poison Ivy Leaves
  • Tarantula Poison Sac
  • Saliva's Feather
  • Dragons's Bone
  • Abscess Tail
  • Coil Fang

Gargantis - Sanctuary

Gargantis is the Peerless Boss that rules the minions of Sanctuary.

Special Abilities:

  • Daemonic Targeting: The ability to discern the most effective enemies, and quickly dispatch damage to them
  • Immortal Death: Can turn invulnerable mobs vulnerable before slaying them
  • Spell Chain: Rapidly casts several spells in a row
  • True Fear: Stun-para when a player enters view of the beast
  • Gargantis has the ability to turn pets, make pets go wild and can cause stat loss

Special moves:

  • He can absorb magic spell damage
  • Angry Fire
  • Mana Drain
  • Paralyze

Collect for Peerless Quest:

  • Black Imp Wings
  • Cyclops Hammer
  • Undead Staff
  • Graverobber's Shovel
  • Dragon Bone Machette
  • Dom Perignon
  • Golden Heart

Meraktus - Labyrinth

The Minotaur is a peerless type monster, an encounter with Meraktus requires locating the Labyrinth Dungeon in Malas and venturing deep inside the maze of buildings.

Collect for Peerless Quest:

  • Chains of the Tormented
  • Minotaur Artifact Vase
  • Minotaur Artifact Cauldron
  • Scorpion Stinger
  • Pyre Feather
  • Minotaur Horn
  • Meraktus's Whip
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