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Monthly Event Items

Each month we create new event artifacts. These items are rare and are usually only available for 30 days as a quest and then sold at auctions or as a donation bonus selection


Silk Robe Wrap
Mirror Cloak
Belt of Fortune
Nystal's Shirt
Spider Silk Gloves
Spider Silk Cap
Dr Doolittle Shirt
Sash of Fog
Cloak of Fog
Rabbit Belt
Mother's Belt
Mother's Cloak
Mother's Eyes
Shipman's Dress
Emerald Pearl Sash
Shirt of Tseramed


Anniversary Talisman
Talisman of Fortune
Lich Totem
Talisman of Osgood
Hallows Talisman
Dark Hallows Talisman
Talisman of Nature
Totem of Mother Nature
Nimble Talisman
Three Finger Jack Talisman
Talisman of the Rose
Talisman Of Tseramed
Talisman of Nimble


Shield of Sin
Bracers of the Serpent
Shield of the 1st Sword
Legs of the Royal Guard
Helm of the Royal Guard
Elemental Shield
Helm of Brilliance
Chest of the Hallows
Helm of the Dark Father
Shield of the Dark Father
Gloves of the Minoc Mines
Legs of the Hunt Armor set
Mask of the Hunt Armor set
Gloves of the Hunt Armor set
Dacil's Armor Set Quiver, Arms and Sandals
Shame's Iron Forge Tunic
Shame's Iron Forge Arms
Shame's Iron Forge Leggings
Shame's Iron Forge Gloves
Battleworn Kas Armor


Poacher Blade
Witch Hunter Resolve
Witch Hunter Armament


Ring of Iuz
Grizzled Clasp
Ring of the Elemental Lord
Emerald Pearl Earrings
Emerald Pearl Necklace


Boots of the Soul Walker
Boots of the Trinsic Knight
Batwing Sandals
Nimble Feet
Swamp Boots
Armored Swamp Boots


Tailor needle
Everlasting Bandage
Everlasting Pick
Game Warden Lens
Three Finger Jack Pan Key
Leprechaun Gear High Alchemy and luck pieces
Phase Spider Thread

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