Mithril Dragon Quest

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Mithril Dragon Quest

Quest giver: Draco
Starting Point: Quest Castle Display Room
Quest Reward: Mithril Dragon Armor, choice of item

This quest is UO Evolution Custom Content - Ultima Online Freeshard

Mithril Dragon Lore

Mithril Dragons are the oldest and most powerful of the dragons in the land. Adventurers have tried to slay these great beasts to collect the rewards, but few have ever succeeded.

Mithril Dragon Types

You must seek out and slay all of the Mithril Dragons and collect 12 items to complete the quest and receive your choice of rewards

Dragon: Mithril Skeletal Dragon
Location: Ice Isle
Collect: Mithril Hammer

Dragon: Mithril Wyrm
Location: Jhelom
Collect: Mithril Forge

Dragon: Mithril Serpentine
Location: Ice Dungeon
Collect: Mithril Tail

Dragon: Mithril Raptor
Location: Terathan Keep
Collect: Mithril Hide

Dragon: Mithril Lizard
Location: Wrong
Collect: Mithril Tongue

Dragon: Mithril Serpent
Location: Covetous
Collect: Mithril Horn

Dragon: Mithril Hydra
Location: Hythloth
Collect: Mithril Eye

Dragon: Mithril Drake
Location: Despise
Collect: Mithril Claw

Dragon: Mithril Dragon
Location: Destard
Collect: Mithril Bone

Dragon: Greater Mithril Dragon
Location: Sanctuary
Collect: Mithril Anvil

Dragon: Mithril Sea Serpent
Location: Shame
Collect: Mithril Scale

Dragon: Ancient Mithril Dragon
Location: Mithril Dragon Champ Spawn - Jhelom Felluca
Collect: Mithril Ingots

Mithril Dragon Spawn

There is an Ancient Mithril Dragon Spawn you must defeat to collect the Mithril Ingots. It is a very advanced and difficult challenge and usually requires a group to defeat

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