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Listen to the Music

Quest Name: Listen to the Music Quest Reward: Bard Key Quest Start: Maestro Marvel, in the Jungle south of Trinsic, north of Honor Shrine Speak to Maestro Marvel.

She tells you:

"Can you hear it? Listen! There is music in the trees! I know if you can learn to master music from the best teachers you can hear it!"

A true bard sets out on the path with a seriousness of heart! If you find the three best Maestros in the Conservatories, and they agree to teach you, return to me. If you have proof of your accomplishments and I will give you a gift to aid you on your musical journey!

  • Maestro Jurl can be found in the Jhelom theatre. He will want 20 Gwenno's harps to teach you harpestry.
  • Maestro Eli is in the Bard shop in Minoc- he requires 20 Iolo's Lutes to teach you to play the Lute.
  • Maestro Yasmin can be found in Zento , Rokuon Cultural Center. He will ask for 20 Flutes of Renewal with which to teach you.

Each Maestro will award you a golden instrument as a token of your accomplishment. Return to Maestro Marvel with the golden instruments to receive your reward.

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