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Fairy Dragon

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Fairy Dragon

The Fairy Dragon - This small but deadly dragon takes 3 control slots and has the unique ability of Double Strength Bandages (only pet on the shard) to heal itself and its owner. Obviously this dragon can cast a powerful Fire Breath Attack but it can also Double Strike its enemies by nipping at their ankles! If its owner falls in battle, the Fairy Dragon can resurrect and heal her.

Also many thanks to Phable for letting me "test" the Fairy Dragon's healing abilities. *evil grin*

Approximate Stats:

STR: 527+
DEX: 300+
INT: 455+

Hitpoints: 1150
Stamina: 300
Damage: 20 - 30
Pet Slots: 3
Required Taming: 120.0


Wrestling 117
Tactics 123
Magic Resist 133
Anatomy 129
Poisoning 0
Magery 133
Eval Int 130

Damage Type:

Physical 100%
Cold 25%
Energy 25%
Fire 25%
Poison 25%

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