Enchanted Ethereal Mounts - Zero Slot with Luck

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Enchanted Ethereal Mounts

Enchanted Ethereal Mounts are special mounts that require zero slots to ride and have a +100 player luck bonus.

Players can add an additional +900 luck to the mount, which makes this mount a highly prized item.

The mounts come in 5 body types:

  • Charger
  • Manticore
  • Ghost Steed/Undead Horse
  • Polar Bear
  • Cu Sidhe

The Enchanted Ethereal Mounts can also improve by adding "mount traits" as explained below

Enchanted Mount Skills

Enchanted Ethereal Mounts can now have skills added to them, up to the maximum displayed on the mount. All existing enchanted mounts can achieve 2 different skills of 10 ranks each.

  • Scroll of Ethereal (Development, Improvement, Advancement)

Increases the skill rank cap as displayed by the numbers on the scroll, you must use each scroll to increase the skill cap up to the max the mount can have.

  • Scroll of Ethereal (Insight, Vision, Understanding, Wisdom Enlightenment)

Allows the mount to have an addition skill up to the max it can achieve.

  • Scroll of Ethereal Augmentation

These are the skill scrolls that will add +1 rank of the displayed skill to your ethereal mount. Each use of the scroll can add 0-2 Pet slots to the mount, which can be reduced by use of a Scroll of Ethereal Command.

  • Scroll of Ethereal Command

This scroll will reduce the number of pet slots your Enchanted Ethereal Mount uses when mounted.

The scrolls are found as rare drops during champion spawns.

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