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Donation Philosophy

Donations help us improve the shard, content and hardware. It costs a lot to maintain a top staff, connection, and advertise if there is no financial support from the community.

Many players never donate and that's fine, this IS meant to be a free shard. You can still enjoy the shard and get all the items in-game with time and effort. This is by no means a typical pay-to-play shard, we do invest the donations back in to the shard to improve the gameplay.

Many generous players donate because they recognize the shard as an amazing place to enjoy, just like going to a movie or out to dinner. They find value in our time and what we do here on the shard for your entertainment.

Some players have a limited time to play so they choose the donation option as a way to skip the grind and get right into the action! I made this option for people like me, who have a job, but limited time to play and don't mind spending a few dollars to support the shard and to not "waste" their time training for a few months to have fun.

The non-donors should love this, more players, more action, stimulates the economy and more loot in game to plunder! The donors "pay" the costs and make the shard FREE to play for everyone!

Donations are also important to create the in-game economy. It makes a market between new players that have ED and Veteran players that don't. The veteran players have a lot of gold/items and the new players have ED and desire gold/items, it makes the world go around!

The monthly donation subscriptions really help me budget the shard expenses and plan for future expansions. You get double ED for any amount with this option as a thank you for supporting the shard.

Please give a big thanks to anyone you know that has donated and never give them grief. They are a huge part of the success of UO Evolution!

Thank you to the Evo community for all the past donations and for improving "your" shard. I appreciate all the support for this project and the game we all love!


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