Abominable Snowman

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Abominable Snowman

This pet is a rare find, and be found in game at his snowy mountain hideout. He has the body type of a Lurg and is very powerful. It does high damage and has several special attacks.

The Abominable Snowman throws snowballs and unhides enemies within 10 tiles, has an ice attack with new graphics, and his damage is based on the level of the pet. Higher level=Higher Damage!

Approximate Stats:

STR: 1179
DEX: 496
INT: 358

Hitpoints: 1129
Stamina: 167
Damage: 30-50
Pet Slots: 3
Required Taming: 120


  • Wrestling 125
  • Tactics 110
  • Resist 76
  • Anatomy 113
  • Poison
  • Magery
  • Eval Int
  • Meditation
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