Author Topic: Shard Update August 28, 2020  (Read 287 times)

August 28, 2020, 08:08:11 AM

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If this goes well, sometime this week I will replace the current BC Market Stone with the new one.  I do want to flesh some things out based on input I have from before making all these code changes.  I do have some more tweaks I want to add in mind but it needs more testing before I move this to the next phase.  So my next goal for the BC Stone is  to x3 the items it has and resolve any price range issues I have lingering.  Will also be time to address some specific task issues that have bad numbers like Dragon Glass.
We are moving into Pirate Month so will be time to see if I have enough puzzle pieces of systems to complete a few different things, also have some surprises in mind.  Expect to see the current Pirate Gold Stone replaces by the same stone BC uses, this will prove to be a good secondary test I think for the Merchant and allow for expanding Pirate rewards to be purchased.

Version 354
Public Gate Update:  Error message will give a little more details (Pretty sure we have a player script going crazy on the gate system)
Market Merchant Updated:  New behavior, allows for one of the items currently available to go on sale at a lower price for a short time period
Market Merchant Updated: Redesign/Recode of how items are selected to be sold, merchant now has smaller catalogs in which will pick a few items from each based on the config.
Market Merchant Updated: Changed the process flow with regarding to saving behavior data file
Fishing Event Updated:  Removed hard coded elements of the reward system over to the config (If all goes well no one will notice any changes this week so I can move to the next step with updating rewards)
Raffle Stone (Config) Updated: Redesign/Recode of how logging is handled.