Author Topic: Father's Day Weekend Events!  (Read 1248 times)

June 20, 2020, 03:09:17 PM

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Happy Father's Day Weekend!

The Grand auction is Sunday at noon cst!

We are offering double Evolution Dollars for any donations this weekend!  Enjoy the holiday and events Capture the flag event is back! GM Domino will be testing the system and running for announcements
Armageddon Event! Join us Saturday At 6pm cst, All the champs will be spawned at the same time on all facets. Saturday night POKER tournament! Join us for Texas Hold'em poker on top of Moonglow Bank at 8pm cst
UO Evolution Grand Auction Join us Sunday the 21st at noon cst for Father's Day Auction and events ------------
Pet Wars will be on June 24th at 5:30pm cst - Skittering Hopper

How to Enter: Send a PM to Domino when your entry pack is ready!
Art must be arranged in a any small container (pouch, backpack bag, bag, box) Do not your your main backpack! Packs need to be transferrable!
Do not use chests (treasure chest type)
Contest entry deadline is July 9, 2020!
Winners will be announced July 10th!
Prizes will be awarded:
1st Place: 300MPD
2nd Place: 200MPD
3rd place: 100MPD
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