Author Topic: Shard Update June 26, 2020  (Read 850 times)

June 26, 2020, 08:48:03 AM

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Version 347
Grizzle Acid Attack Updated:  No idea why but sometimes the timer would stick to a mobile every once a while.  Not enough to establish a pattern.  I added a few catches to it that should prevent this.
Gold Panning Updated:  Some files were out of sync with the development server.
Gargoyles Knife Updated:  Added bonus for humans.  Verified several different mobs that the tram vs fel hide count increases correctly.
Blighted Grove Updated:  Added a few Tribal Berry drops.  (Next up is talking to Sayla/Domino about stealables.)
Raffle Stone (Config) Updated: Added new method in which the items are pulled from the list.
Powder Crafting Updated:  All weapon powders application duration increased (This is only for powders crafted after this point, not before)
Artifact Grinder Updated:  Uses are now based on skill of the crafter when no exceptional (If this works as intended next is to allow for normal drop loot)
Dynamic Reward Updated:  Improved handling of mobile requesting the reward
Augment Updated:  Spelling issue with Alchemist’s Spoon
Deco Deeds Added: 19 new item from Sayla
Package System Updated:  Added Package Chest -  This is no were near ready yet