Author Topic: Shard Update April 24, 2020  (Read 168 times)

April 24, 2020, 12:19:09 PM

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The new craft system and gear key should be in final testing this week, just so everyone knows I am aiming at the first week of May for this to go live.
The changes to resist spell are being left in game so we can get input from players and tweak it where it works as expected.  At this time you will need Resist Spell of 140 to start to experience the changes.  We have a discord room for this in Dev due to the fluid nature of development so you can keep up and provide feedback.
If all goes well this week there will be three events; Vecna Essence, Iron Vecna Coins and Artifact Grinder

Version 338
Event Region Added:  Created a new event area for the Champ Challenge
Mephitis Updated:  Added LOS checking for the web attack
Baseweapon Updated:  Moved Lost and Found code to a more centralized function
DynamicConsumption Updated:  Added Lost and Found functionality
Craft Scroll Updated:  Gearkey Backpack needed a few details cleaned up found in testing
Crafting Combine Deed Updated:  Serialization issue resolved when using craft scrolls
Deco Deeds Added:  3 new items from Sayla
Gearkey Backpack Updated:  New feature for above Epic and above scrolls, can fill all items on the gump from equipped and backpack.
Gearkey Backpack Updated  Due to the number of items this can hold it has been added to the Lost and Found System.