Author Topic: Object I don't Remember what are useful for  (Read 612 times)

February 27, 2020, 11:15:23 AM

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Hello everybody,
I came back after years on the Land of Sosaria.I'm like a newbie.
I put in order my house and my bank and I found many objects I don't remember what are useful for or if belong to some quest (I've already check all the quest on Wiki but I didn't find it).
Can you help me and tell me exactly what are this object?
Green Cheese Pizza
Raw Stone
Stout Whip
Gear for Dawn's Music Box (Common)
Pixie Leg
Gold Coin (Green) Not Leprechaun Gold
Seed of Chaos
Seed of Order
Dr. Dolittle's Life Potion
Tattered ancient mummy wrapping (replica)

These were together:
Covellite Mineral
Iron Essence
Pirite Mineral

These were together:
The bloody shirt of Robby
Alan's wedding ring
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February 27, 2020, 12:39:39 PM
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All of those objects are parts of different quests.  Just collect them until you find them all.  There is a rune library in game, a wiki and quest walk thrus that can help.  Most players have done hundreds of the quests and can help by chatting with them in game

February 27, 2020, 03:55:05 PM
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I've already checked all the custom quest, all this object are not write, in case I wouldn't write the post.
Today I divided plenty of objects in different bags and rename for type of Quest.
If someone would be so kind to tell all the object I wrote exactly which quest are would be great because I didn't find it.
I came back after years, so please be patient.