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March 13, 2020, 09:07:08 AM

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First sorry about the second update this morning, thought I had everything covered but turned out missed something.   I am not sure the list of changes below does justice to the amount of coding and testing that went into this week.  If all goes as planned this is what will happen this week.

Friday 13th Event:  Though there are a few different ways to get Vecna's Essence and Essence Fragments, this event will happen on these weekend with a few tweaks to improve.  There will be a secret vendor area opening this weekend near Vecna's Alter when it starts up, just say [Market near the alter and you will see a different kind of Market System.  Some big differences is unlike the global market system where you have your own items, secret market areas have a finite amount of items period which means they can be bought out.  Also you will see other currencies being used for example in the one for the weekend uses Vecna's Essence and Vecna's Essence Fragments. (This same code will be used in Factions)
Vecna Coin Event:  After the dust settles I put together a new event, this has everything dealing with the coins and minting them
Artifact Grinder Event:  We have a new system/code to test out and no better way then with an event.  Before things are available in game you will be able to get them through the event. Plus top winners will get one of the recipes.
All three of the events above have completely unique prize/reward structures based on the theme of the event.

Version 331

*Artifact Grinder Updated: Removed recipe requirement
*Powder Crafting Updated:  Added recipes for Enhanced, Enchanted and Magical powder groups (1 Recipe to make any powder in the group is the goal)
*Vecna Coin Pouch Pouch Updated: Added Vecna’s Essence
*Vecna Minter’s Toolkit Updated: Added Vecna’s Essence and Vecna’s Essence Fragment
*Deco Deeds Added:  5 new items from Sayla
*Vecna Coin Press Updated:  Added additional constructors to expand functionality
*Magical Residue Added:  Will be used for all powders in the magical group
*Enhanced Residue Added:  Will be used for all powders in the enhanced group
*Enchanted Residue Added:  Will be used for all powders in the Enchanted group
*Traits Updated:  Added Enhanced, Magical and Enchanted traIts
*Today System Updated:  A few minor tweaks
*Artifact Residue Updated:  Changed Mystical to Magical
*Vecna’s Essence Fragment Updated:  A few minor tweaks (most cosmetic)
*Velcna’s Blessing Deed Added:  Increases a Skull of Vecna’s Max Blessings by +1, the most that can be attained by this method is 10 (The skull can increase to 15 combined)
*Vecna’s Coin Alter Updated:  Added some new things
*Vecna's Soul [Ancient] Added: All 4 current pieces (Fragment, Chip, Remnant, Slice) have Ancient versions which have no chance of a random properties just will add from the small select skills for that piece and a chance to increase the Max Blessing
*Market Stone Updated:  A few changes needed before entering the next round of testing
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