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February 28, 2020, 08:21:20 AM

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I coded for over 12 hours each day this week and some how managed to not get a single thing done that I had planned.. Needless to say next week will have far less coding with more testing and events (All the stuff I planned for this week originally plus the stuff coded this week tested)
Factions/Powder Crafting/Artifacts/Merchant
A player came to me with an idea so well fleshed out that answered so many little things I had on my list with circles, after a quick brainstorming chat I started coding.  I have held off on the previously know "Artifact Barrel" because I always felt there was a better way, here it is.  Using artifacts and PS credits for resources to craft temp skill bonuses.  Surprising enough there is actually very little RNG involved in the whole process, you will just have to figure out what is effecting what is all.
CraftingAdded a new way that exceptional items can be handled.  Normally as your skill gets higher you have a chance to craft an exceptional item even if you have not achieved 100% chance of crafting.  This doesn't make sense and in my mind have been looking for a way to establish a player "Mastering" craft something so I can work on making better sense of applying properties and features.  I do think this is the first step towards that goal, just need more thinking on it to solve some problems and create unique solutions.The "Artifact Grinder" is the first item using this new concept:  Once you have 100% chance to craft (AKA - Mastered crafting it) the crafter will then have a chance for it to be exceptional.   If the item is exceptional it will have more uses and based on the chance of it being exceptional it can unlock a few unique features. I will let you play and figure those out.
I do currently have this locked down with a recipe required, this will give me the week to play with things.  Yes look for an Artifact Event after the next update where you can get your chance to play with the new stuff first. (That is my plan anyways)

Version 329BaseTool Updated:  Changed some functionality to virtual
Craft Def Updated:  Updated Tinkering and Powder (Intermediate/Advanced)
Craft Core Updated:  Expanded a new way to handle Exceptional items:  The chance for an exceptional item will start once the crafter has 100% chance of crafting the item.
Pet Breeding Updated:  Was not properly checking the breeding abilities on the second pet
Trait System Updated:  The ability to have dynamic data inside the trait
Glimmering Coal Updated:  Bad check again item type
Deco Deeds Added:  17 new items from Sayla
Artifact Grinder [Personal] Added:  Grinds up artifacts into a specific type of residue based on the artifact. (Requires 1 Artifact and 10 Powerscroll Credits per use) (Features can lower the cost)
Artifact Residue Added:  Three types so far - Enhanced, Enchanted and Magical
Powder of Enhanced Residue [Sword] Added:  Powder that will give a skill bonus for a limited time (my test cases were almost 24 hours) (This is for testing this week, more to come next week) (Skill bonus directly related to the gear pieces count worn and what stage they are at)
Soul Eater Trait Updated:  Changed type so it can stack with Task Traits
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