Author Topic: Shard Update Feb 21, 2020  (Read 137 times)

February 21, 2020, 08:08:09 AM

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Speedhack:  First layer of this code is now in place, I will turn it on at some point this week so I can start collecting data.  Even as I type this I am already figuring out a few new changes for next week to improve this system.  I posted some example logs in the staff room for Dante and the other staff, lets just say as we fine tune this system it is noticeable when someone is using it.  Now just need to nail down the parameters since I was testing this on a local system where packets are much faster.  Because of how UO is coded this will become a no excuse system, meaning only way to trigger it is to be using tools which allow you to send packets faster then the UO client permits. 

A second layer to this system will come into effect next week if I can iron out how I want it to work, this will serve as a packet speedometer so to speak and allow any staff to view it through the Watcher Tome.

There will be no conversation when banned because there is no need for one when it comes down to it.
Today System:  If this week goes well, I have three different events to test to make sure the new functions are working.  Could be a bust week.

Version 328
PlayerMobile Update:  Initial speedhack algorithm in place
Combat Controller Updated:  Functionality to handle logging and penalties for speedhack (This will not autoban, but will log everything for us so we can lock down your accounts properly then ban you if you want to cheat)
Pet Leveling Update:  Improperly handling negative numbers (Exploit pet clean up coming)
Today System Update:  Gets correct data to handle ranking
Today System Update:  Limit number of turn ins for the entire event
Today System Update:  New event option - High score of a turn in
Dynamic Reward Update:  New GQI data option - Open ended (Like the fishing event)
Deco Deeds Added:  13 new items from Sayla and Domino