Author Topic: Shard Update Feb 14, 2020  (Read 399 times)

February 14, 2020, 08:30:58 AM

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Today System:  We will be doing another test event this weekend, if it works as planned it will go all weekend with some new and exciting prizes.  There will be 2 events turning on today for those keeping score at home.
Factions:  The today system is allowing for me to test a ton of code, find the issues and resolving them quickly.  After today the loading of all the info needed should be checked and verified, next will come the saving.  (This works different then the current saves you see and will allow us to improve a great many aspects of the game within the game)

Cheating... Yes Cheating: 

For 99% of the shard this has no effect on you, you can ignore it, play your game and never worry about it.  For the 1% make sure you read and understand what I am saying because if I catch you cheating there will be no conversation, after all you are cheater and if you are willing to cheat that means lying when asked will be a very simple/expected thing.  You will be banned instantly, forever.. GONE.  If you are borrowing gear it will not be returned to anyone nor will any of your last wishes be honored, gone deleted good bye.  If you think I am joking ask around about previous names who have cheated, they are no longer here and when they get clever changing their IP for a new account.. borrowing gear from friends to get started.  We quickly find out, I even let you get a bit established and then ban you again.

Next week I will be working on some code to hopefully lock down a few issues but in the meantime If I see it, you are gone.   So if I catch you do not tell me you only started doing because "Billy" was using it, I won't care.  You cheated, you are gone.  Period, this is a choice you made and you took the risk.  So the moment you turn the tool on, know I am coming for you and your account.
For the other 99%, this will only make your life better and provide you with a fair gaming experience while here.
Version 327
Loot Controller Updated: Expanded to handle reward lists
Loot Controller Updated: Implements the Dynamic Config
Dynamic Reward Updated:  The rewards array will be sorted and passed through the loot controller to determine if needs to be modified
Dynamic Configuration Updated:  Added new method of handling config data
Deco Deeds Added:  74 new items from Sayla and Domino
Today System Updated:  Set and Get Player Data centralized
Hide and Seek Updated: Improved handling of rewards - configs updated
Powder of Iron Updated:  Stacking issue