Author Topic: Shard Update Jan 31, 2020  (Read 289 times)

January 31, 2020, 08:28:26 AM

Offline Kane

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This week:  We are going to start pushing into the testing of Faction System based code, this weeks event will allow me to test some of the new stuff needed to make the faction system dream closer to a reality.    Next week will be 2 very important pieces to Factions.

Next week: 
Dynamic Configs - I have been wanting to do this since I started converting RunUO over to it, given the number of configs needed for factions if I do it now and before I start it will save a ton of time development and increase the functionality.

Location Manager - Domino and I worked on the basics of this and you see it used in many different systems already but it is stuck in a one way config with few ways to improve it.  This will change and allow us to do it in game and create sub lists as well..

Version 324
DynamicReward Updated:  The functionality to create variables for use in the creation of a dynamic item (Currently only 1 var but this will be expanded after testing)
Detect Hidden Updated:  Can now be used on a corpse to see if a chance of additional loot is available.  Each corpse allows for a single check.
Corpse Updated:  Now allows for detect hidden and access to the loot controller
Loot Controller Updated:  No longer restricted to just death of a basecreature being the sole purpose, loot can be added, separated into different calling types then determined.  Currently only Death/Detect Hidden access at this time.
Loot Controller Updated:  Loot table items can be Added/Removed from other systems, no longer just the config itself.
Monster Contract Book Updated:  Added error handling (Caused the crash last week)
Today System Updated:  Added the Quest Item Event Type
Today System Updated:  Added the ability to access the loot controller from the event config file
Discord Updated:  No longer works on Player Vendors
Glimmering Pink Diamond Added: +5 Inscription
Deco Deeds Added:  12 new items from Sayla