Author Topic: Shard Update Jan 24, 2020  (Read 329 times)

January 24, 2020, 08:00:53 AM

Offline Kane

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Factions System Updated:  Not as far as I wanted to this week, though not to far behind where a few good days can't have me back on target.  Once I finish up the full config loading of the of System and Faction components then will be able to start with saving and reloading of player data.
Today System will be in testing this week but nothing that causes me to fix since most of the code will be next used on the 14th of Feb.   Still moving steadily towards my goal of getting this system where I envisioned it.  If things go well, next month would love to see it used for a stag event and free gift event.

Version 323
Today System Updated  Added a new event type “FreeGift”
Today System Updated  Allows for account bound events