Author Topic: Shard Update Nov 29, 2019  (Read 664 times)

November 29, 2019, 08:23:01 AM

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Version 316
Deco Deeds Added:  19 new items from Sayla
Staged Item System Updated:  Added new functionality to the interface (This is for new stuff, no existing items use the functionality)
Phase Spider Thread Updated:  Improved the error handling
Santa’s Good List:  New item
Santa’s Naughty List: New item
Elven Pouch Added: Small bag of holding, holds 12 items, cannot be snooped and when someone tries they become revealed.
Elven Sewing Thread Added:  Increases Elven Pouch max items up to 25;
Bag of Lost Toys Added:  A Bag that uses blood diamonds increases to Level 100:  Starts out as a weak bag of holding but can become so much more:  Max Item Count 7 -: Weight Reduction 100% - Reveal Chance 100% Explosion Chance - 100%
Frosty Snow Shoes: Updated
Blood Diamond System Updated:  Improved the handling of items to a more generic nature
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