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December 06, 2019, 10:03:33 AM

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Version 317

Marketplace System Update:  Coupon button display always set to false (Conflicting data flags between global and stones)

Dynamic Reward Update:  Select items can now be set as owner

Task System Updated:  Config file broken into separate components for easier managing and expanding upon without causing issues in other areas of tasks.

Task System Updated: Tasks have been broken down into categories, this should prevent duplicate consecutive tasks and expose the weak points in tasks.

Task System Updated:  Task turnin counts get modified based on the number of tasks you have completed for the month.  I believe the sweet spot hovers around 200.

Task System Updated:  Skip Task Penalty now has a chart which is loaded from the task system.  I believe this will allow for the best way to target the issue areas while not addressing the problem blindly.  (This is set for 0 at this time, I have enough areas to test out)  My view is for each day a player should get a few “Free” skips and afterwards this will increase based on the number of skips for that day.  The skip count number resets each day.

Marketplace Coupon Updated:  Has the feature to be bound to a player

Marketplace Coupon Updated:  Gift Card which will give Market Place Dollars

Dynamic Checking Updated:  Reads a chart from a config and determine the results

Stocking Gift Updated:  Added 2019 entry
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