Author Topic: Shard Update Sep 27, 2019  (Read 441 times)

September 29, 2019, 09:22:18 AM

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Version 305
Twelve Inch Cannonball Updated: Added explosion effect that happens shortly after victim takes initial damage, there is a chance to dismount based on cannonball level (Damage based on level as well)
Gold Ledger Updated: Tracks new player gold
Vender Stone Updated: Fixed a staff access isuee
Keyguard Updated:  Resolve the serialization/code issue (Failed and will attempt next wee)
Irk Updated: Nudged brain drop (Creating something to handle this all in game and will move the peerless drops to it)
Dynamic Logging Updated:  Added a more generic option to logging
Blood Ring of Vecna Added:  Ring has 5 random +1 skills, all can be increased to +10 through blood diamonds
Deco Deeds Added:  34 new items from Domino and Sayla
Gloves of the Hallow Added:  new item for the hallow suit
Fishing Event Updated:  A few pirate gold for big fish turnins