Author Topic: Halloween List of Stealables!  (Read 527 times)

October 01, 2019, 12:22:33 PM

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Here are the 2019 Halloween List of Stealables!  They will be appearing in

Haunted Hallows as well in some select scary locations

The Drapery, scarecrow and Guillotine are animated!

Get your stealing up!  The really rare ones require high stealing!

1.Haunted Draperies (animated)
2.Medusa of the Hallows
3.Jason Voorhees’s Guillotine (animated)
4.Hannibal’s Shackles
5.The Hallow Lord’s Manifesto
6.Dark Knight of the Unborn
7.Dark Knight of the Undead
8.Tales of the Crypt Book
9.Library of Darkness Bookshelf
10.Eternal Darkness Candle
11.Voodoo Doll
12.Rotted Corpse
13.Purgatory Haunted Keep
14.Skeleton Post
15.Ancient footprints of Evil – 4 different
16.Possessed Hanging Scarecrow – animated
17.Mirror of the Dead
18.Gold Skeleton Torso
19.The Crypt Keepers Supper Table
20.The Grave Diggers Supper Table
21.Ancient Grandfather Clock
22.Remains of the Grave digger – 2 parts
23.Remains of the Crypt Keeper – 2 parts
24.Broken Iron Doors– 12 different doors
25.Broken Iron Gates – 4 different gates
26.Evil Jack-o-lantern
27.Arachne web
28.Candle removed from the skull of the innocent