Author Topic: October Pet Wars!  (Read 499 times)

September 24, 2019, 12:37:08 PM

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Pet Wars!

Each month, players fight their pet vs pet battles in an arena for prizes and glory! Watch the calendar for event announcements

October Pet Wars

The UO Evolution "Pet Wars" will be OCT 19th (3rd saturday), at 6PM cst. Use the [time command in game

The pet will be a Nightmare!   Normal rules apply: GEN1, max L30, put 'pet wars' tag on BEFORE LEVELING (can be bought from a stable/tamer), do NOT use potions/tonics on pet.

NEW PLAYER: if you go tame a L30 nightmare, and would like a bonding deed please PM james/rhoslyn we will give you one.  (as a reminder NEW guild will also hand out bond deeds for most L30 pets too, some other rules may apply)

FYI: nightmares are quite commonly found inside the Terathan Keep