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September 06, 2019, 06:12:49 PM

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   Good Evening, Kane’s Five on Friday fans. It has been 4 months since my adorable son was born. He is growing up so fast. His favorite thing to do is sit in his swing and coo/baby talk for hours at a time. He is almost as good as Agni-White-Flame when it comes to singing. But I digress, today’s topic is about the skill Bushido, and the spell group which most of us know and love to use every day.

Sturger: When it comes to Bushido spells, each page of the spell book raises various brow wrenching questions.

1. Are the honorable execution and counter attack (bushido) spells even viable on Evolution? Also, what is the duration for the Counter Attack (bushido) spell when active?

Kane: After looking through the dev logs, I can tell you that certain aspects of the Bushido/perfection system have been turned off. Honorable execution is one such item turned off at the moment. In addition to those facts, I am in agreement with you. The current, Honorable Execution, bonuses don’t function well on our custom shard. And if a bonus is always a factor of zero, then that is a mighty redundant bonus.

That said, I see no reason why a custom swing speed bonus of +0.25 couldn’t find its way into the current Bushido combat system. This would actually grant a swing speed bonus to the spell Honorable Execution, making things less redundant.

Sturger—Extra: This proposed bonus would drop a character’s swing speed down to 1.00. Effectively, under the effects of such an Honorable Execution swing speed bonus, a character could achieve 5 swings in 5 seconds.

Kane: Counter attack on the other hand, is a viable spell/weapon skill, from what I can see, code wise. When a character chooses this defense [which has a duration of 25secs], and parries an enemy attack, an immediate [normal] attack occurs (using base attack hit/miss values) outside of current swing speed limitations.

Sturger: When it comes to melee PvP, many veterans swear that all you need is a little Confidence, and a good leveled weapon.

2. What is the cooldown of the (bushido) spell Confidence; and can you explain the stamina and hit point regeneration bonuses provided to players who are not struck during the spells 4 second duration?

Kane: The cooldown for the spell Confidence is 25 second. When a character is under the effects of a confidence spell, and remains unstruck by his/her enemies, the bonus is as you pointed out to me on However, most bushido spells don’t scale past 120 because OSI parameters, for the Bushido skill, are still in place. This issue is something I am planning to work on soon. I’ll probably scale all Bushido spells up to around 240+ at first, including additional bonuses to the whole Bushido spell list where I see fit, and follow up with tweaks after I get enough player feedback for finite adjustments.

Sturger—Extra: One other thing I’d like to mention about the Confidence, spell, conversation. Kane pointed out that normal hit point regeneration and any regeneration gained from the Confidence spell is indirect. This would mean they are not stacking, but occurring simultaneously within their own system’s parameters. Both bonuses will [always] apply. Should a character have a Hit Point Regeneration bonus of [18] this would mean a character receives [1.8] hit points back every second they remain injured and alive. (current, (HPR), standards grant a character [18], or less, regenerated hit points every 10 seconds)

 While under the 4 second effects of the Confidence spell, and with 120 skill in the bushido skill, a character is granted a (HPR) Hit Point Regeneration bonus of [0.42 +15] Hit Points per second. This bonus is accurate up until the point the spell is interrupted—due to any form of damage—or the 4 second duration of the spell expires.
Sturger: Well now, I hope the next questions answer is a little simpler, then the last; as I didn’t bring enough paper to write a new book of Bushido. I am kidding, of course, I have plenty of blank scrolls.

3. What is the bonus to a character’s ‘Parry’ when using the Evasion (bushido) spell. Will the Evasion spells duration scale with current custom skill stacking maximums?

Kane: When applying the Evasion spell to a character’s defenses, a 50% bonus (which stacks with a character’s current—Bushido—parrying bonuses) is applied.  As you may already know, the Evasion spell has some custom code applied to its mechanics which mainly deals with character’s who have stacked their Bushido skill beyond 120; through the use of gear skill bonus or through gear augmentation. The parrying bonus of 50%, provided by the evasion spell, will still apply to a character’s parrying bonus with a Bushido skill total of 240+ or less.

Sturger: Thanks Kane, that’s a really good thing to know! Let’s keep things rolling. [activates Evasion spell] *combat rolls out of the way*

4. What is the actual critical hit, extra, damage associated with the Lightning Strike (bushido) spell?

Kane: The Lightning Strike spell does have the chance to critically hit a target, in addition to applying a 50% increase chance to hit. However, according to the development logs, this bonus is not in the form of additional damage. Instead, when a critical hit occurs, the player is granted an Armor Ignore special weapon mechanic. In the end, the character is ignoring all of the targets physical armor, and doing full damage.

Sturger: Our final question of the night is all about momentum, which is fitting, since Kane has been, on a roll, building up the suspense, & momentum, all night long.

5. What is the additional damage associated with the Momentum Strike (bushido) spell, once a player has slain their first target and the special attack is carried onto a secondary target?

Kane: The OSI standard for Momentums Strikes damage bonus—for slaying a target—was to increase a character’s total damage increase bonus to 100%, and then apply the damage bonus to the nearest secondary target. Unfortunately, the Damage Increase maximus are easily maxed out on Evolution, which makes the spell damage bonus N/A within our shard’s custom parameters.
  Again, this is one of those areas where I need a little time to work on a better solution to the lack of playability provided by the spell’s OSI standards. But I will say that my first thoughts, on how to better, Momentum Strikes usability is to grant an overall damage bonus versus a bonus to a player’s Damage Increase values.

Sturger—Extra: Again, Kane had more to say about this question. I asked him about the potential for progressing the original idea of the Momentum Strike spell, to include more than two targets and I was glad to hear he was okay with the idea. From what I could tell, it would require X amount of Bushido skill, and the more a character had to work with, the more likely a third or fourth attack could be applied, if enough targets were available.

  Indeed. After this discussion, I feel better. It would seem that Bushido has been under the weather, all these years for the lack of a better metaphor. I am glad someone had to nerve to ask Kane about it. It is certainly a lesson for us all to understand. Asking is often times the best way to learn, and if you ask the right person—in this case Kane—you are bound to find a great answer. Until next time, my inquisitive friends. That is all we have this time around.

      —Sturger— Editor UOE-Herald

                                               Five on Friday Extra’s

~~Kane: Most of the Bushido spells are based around a 120 max skill potential. The Evasion spell is currently the only exception.

~~Kane: The Bushido and Ninjutsu skills/spells need a few hours of work, and a healthy player perspective to create a balanced and long-lasting system of custom mechanics that mesh well with the custom feel of the shard.

~~Kane: Unfortunately, the Perfection bonus values granted by the skill Bushido, are currently listed as a to do. This was something I was not aware of, until we looked it up. I have made a note to fix these issues, when I have the time, in the next couple of weeks. When I do make changes, to the lack of Perfection mechanics on the shard, it will be to reinstate the OSI standard values; as long as I feel they reflect the shard current economic values/balance.

~~Kane: Yes. Certain spells, or monster--damaging effects, can lower a character’s resistances below 0.