Author Topic: Shard Update Sep 13, 2019  (Read 385 times)

September 13, 2019, 08:30:32 AM

Online Kane

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Version 303
Wine Crafting Updated:  Extended the base wine object to allow for inherit items to extend functionality
Deco Deeds Addded:  19 new items from Sayla
Bottle of Pirate Rum Added: New exciting drink for all your taverns nights and private parties!  Just like Captain Morgan but crafted without regulations or quality control in the way!!
Endless Bottle of Pirate Rum Added:  Like above except the party never ends
Eight Inch Cannonball Added:  Ever wanted to just toss an 8" Cannonball at your friend, now you can.
Twelve Inch Cannonball Added:  Has the features of the 8" Cannonball when not charged up, but at a charge of 5 Pirate Gold per shot it becomes a lethal weapon that you can level up with SOS Maps.  This may start out slightly weaker than a conflaguration potion but as it levels up it will become part of your new arsenal of tricks.  This uses both leveling up and throwing skill to enhance features and damage.