Author Topic: Shard Update Sep 06, 2019  (Read 311 times)

September 06, 2019, 07:49:36 AM

Online Kane

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Version 302
Dynamic Checking Updated:  Removed console spam for visual verification of the recent functionality
Deco Deeds Addded:  11 new items from Sayla
Everlasting Leprechaun Key Updated:  Resolved Cliloc issue
Leprechaun Key Updated:  Resolved Cliloc issue
Augment Added:  Glimmering Turquoise (+5 Vet)
Daily Event System Updated:  Data validation added to recent event type
Remove Task Delay Updated:  It was validating against an impossible situation.
Today System Updated:  Corrected process used to visually determine delays
Today System Updated:  Cleaned up a ton of little things but I still think there is one outstanding issue, I tested for it and it works so might of resolved the issue while cleaning up one of the other issues.  (We will do a small test this week to verify)
Death Announcements Updated:  Player vs Player deaths will be announced only in fel and if the killer or killed is in fel 100% of the time.  Outside of Fel will not see any notices
Travesty Updated:  Peerless Quest drop rate increased (We will be watching this to see if other adjustments are needed)
Bank Tile Updated:  Cleaned up some of the reporting code and process
Base Weapon Updated:  Evasion bonus was not firing in all situations, bonus now reflects type of weapon used (1h vs 2h)