Author Topic: Pirate Ship Race for the Treasure!!  (Read 667 times)

September 04, 2019, 02:48:50 PM

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Finally the THIRD ANNUAL PIRATE RACE is announced!!!

28th of Sept. @ 5:30pm! Servertime

The object of this event will be to collect several items and get to the finish line while in your boat! After walking over a bank tile (which strips all your items and places them in your bank) you will be given A “Look like a Pirate-Feel Like a Pirate “bag which contains the following:
•    A Pirate Outfit
•    Pirate Race Book
•    A Pet Parrot
•    A Pet Bonding deed
•    10 Parrot Wafers
•    A Boat Key

The Outfit- Mandatory you must look like a pirate to compete in the Pirate Race!
Pirate Race Book- This book tells you where you will find the required items to complete the race as well as the location of the finish line.
A Pet Parrot and Bonding Deed- You do not HAVE to use the bonding deed on your parrot HOWEVER if he dies and you lose him he will not be replaced. You will be allowed to keep your parrot at the end of the event provided you bonded him and he did not die. *Note- these pets are not breedable and are simply a Pirate Month collectable
10 Parrot Wafers- This is the currency you use to purchase from a purchase stone,  items you may need to help you complete the race- be wise with your selections
A Boat Key- All the boats are docked in the starting area. You must find the boat that matches your key!

The Race begins the minute you get access to the purchase stone. Read the book to find what items you need and the location of the finish line. Remember, getting to the items will have their own perils!
The first person to make it to the finish line with the required items will receive pirate treasure and The Black Beard Trophy signifying exceptional pirating skills!
Every participant will receive a participation bag!

You may NOT SWITCH BOATS! ANYONE caught switching boats, shrinking their boat or using items not found on the stone will be immediately disqualified and not receive any participation bag! Boats will lose their hue if shrunk!
You may resurrect as many times as you are able using your one self res and sacrafice! ( it is advisable that prior to the event you ensure that you have a self res available- this is YOUR responsibility). If you die and are unable to res- you are out of the race! (You will still receive your participation)
PVP is allowed! You can only kill a player ON THEIR boat! (or on yours if they try to board you)  If you are able to board another player’s ship and kill them you may do so HOWEVER! You cannot kill the same player twice! If they res- move on!