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August 16, 2019, 06:52:41 PM

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  Hello, Kane’s Five on Friday fans, you guessed it; it’s that time again. Tonight, we are asking questions about Kane’s new crafting system. Oh yeah, can’t wait to make some new gear!... or keys? Hmm. I better take my time and get all the facts straight for this Q & A session.

Sturger: Alright Kane, we have talked about this new Crafting system of yours a few times, during other Q & A sessions. I’m pretty sure I have a good grasp on it, but other players are talking and wondering about when it is coming out and how it all works. 

1. I hear a lot of players asking about what the ‘Crafting Quill’ and the ‘Crafting Chisel’ will be used for; and is each tool specific to a current—trade skill—field of crafting?

Kane: The new crafting system will have new recipes and ingredients, which I have specifically created for the crafting system. The Crafting Quill is used to write down a recipe into the new crafting system recipe gump. This process is similar to how a spell scroll is added to a spell book the first time. In a way, the player is using a crafting quill to create/craft a list of known recipes; all of which will be listed in their new crafting system crafting book/gump.

   The Crafting Quill can also be used to improve the durability of any given recipe a player has inscribed into the system book/gump. Keep in mind, recipes will not decay over time, but will have limited numbers of uses. But fret not. The crafting quill can, also, improve the number of uses a player gets out of a recipe; before the recipe is all used up.

   The Crafting Chisel, on the other hand, will be used by players to craft items from their current new crafting system recipe list. The Crafting Chisel has the add bonus of improving the strength of an ingredient. All ingredients come with a quality, durability, and—at least one—layer modifier. ‘Quality’ modifiers can be common, rare, or somewhere in between. ‘Durability’ modifiers can be weak, strong, or somewhere, else, in between. ‘Layers’ often represent the featured bonuses granted to the item being crafted; like skill bonuses; or—in the case of the Gear Key—additional item slots. All ingredients can be gained through adventuring; and even the rarest ingredients have a chance to be found as [Common] monster loot.

  In-game resources are the final requirement to craft in the new crafting system. The number of resources a player needs, to filter into the crafting equation, is determined by the ingredients placed into the recipe gump, and that ingredients durability rating. Weaker durability scores will cost more resources in the final crafting process.

Sturger: Woah! That’s a lot to remember. Glad I know short hand, and wrote it down. Let’s keep things going and move right into the next question.

2. Can you tell us how many recipes there might be at the launch of the new crafting system?

Kane:  For the initial launch of the new crafting system, there will be just one recipe. The reason is obvious; player testing. It is a whole lot easier, for me, to test one thing at a time then it is to manage four or five malfunctioning recipes. The Gear Key will be the first ‘Permanent’ craftable item to come out at the launch of the New Crafting System. This key will function just like other in-game storage keys, and store all initiated—gear related—items. In affect it sucks gear into the key with a push of the button and does the opposite if a player decides to reload all of that gear set, back onto their character. This of course will make changing cloths 10x faster, than a dress macro, and much safer; since this process will occur server side.

Sturger: You are calling the new crafting materials ingredients, and the already in game materials resources. Most players already know there are tons of resources in game.

3. Will there be tons of new ingredients added, as well, for the new crafting system launch; or will the new crafting system use item content/picture ID’s already found in game---just with a different naming scheme?

Kane: In short, the answer to the whole question is both. The new recipe and ingredients, which are essential to the new crafting system, have all been newly designed. Any of the many undervalued, or valuable resources, found throughout the Evolution shard could be used as a required resource, during that phase of crafting.

Sturger: I know I am excited about the new crafting system, and I can only imagine how excited other players are. Especially, the players who have been doing the [Today events.

4. Is there a guesstimated launch date for the new crafting system?

Kane: September 1st if everything runs smoothly. If not smoothly, then I’ll probably have the new crafting system being player tested in the beginning weeks of September. The new crafting system is ready to go, though, and I just need to balance out—& be happy with—the [Today system before moving on to crafting introductions.

Sturger: Kane, you have told me there will be ‘Temporary Gear’ and ‘Permanent Gear’ that can be crafted using the new crafting system. You have also told me that ‘Temporary Gear’ will be easier to craft because the ingredients will be easier to find if not more available through player trade.

5. Does that mean the simpler ingredients will not be used in crafting the 'Permanent Gear'?

Kane: When it does come time for players to craft weapons and armor, using the new crafting system, it is true that Temp items will be easier to craft then their Perm counter parts. Perm Items are permanent fixtures to the server, unless lost or thrown in a trash barrel by their owners. Temp items are of course temporary in that there is X amount of time before the item goes poof and is no more.

  Now with knowing all of that, it makes more sense—to me any ways—that ‘Temp Gear’ should be easier to fabricate then ‘Perm Gear’. Will there be such a thing as simpler ingredients? No, not really. Ingredients already have a quality and durability factor that will eventually establish their values to the player trade market. 

  While it will be harder to obtain the rarer ingredients, which are often used in the crafting of Permanent items, a player can bind weaker ingredients together to form higher quality versions of that ingredient. In this way—as you have suggested—simpler ingredients can/will be used to craft ‘Permanent Gear’.

Extra—Kane: Try to keep the following things in mind:

1) Temp Gear = are cheaper/easier to make items, and the ingredients will be easier to find.
2) Perm Gear = are (often) more costly/harder to make, and the ingredients will be harder to find.
3) Spring water (25) will be needed to remove an ingredient from the creation gump. (so be wise)
4) Any of the in game gathered materials, augmentations, player expendables, or other such outdated items found throughout the realm could be a required resource for a new crafting system recipe. (so keep some of that junk close at hand)  8)

Wow! Once again, Kane has created a wonder to behold. I have seen the system, in visual cuts, but now I can’t wait to see it in action: all the while at the mercy of my fingertips. *mad scientist laugh* MUHAHAHA! *Coughs uncontrollably* (holds up the shards first gear key) *wakes up from his day dream*

—Sturger— Editor UOE-Herald

   Five on Friday Extra’s

~~Kane Quote: "I’ll start with one [item], and let the players run that and (I’ll) see what breaks".

~~Kane: In order to craft new items, in the new crafting system, you will need to first find a recipe, scribe that recipe down in a new crafting recipe gump/book, and then find 5 ingredients to apply to that recipe, via the new crafting gump. Once this linear process is done, and the player/crafter is happy with the expected results, then the real crafting can commence. Resources—plus real time—are additional required materials that are necessary for the completion of the item crafting process. In the end, finished items will be better than current gear/weapon related items found in game.

~~Kane: The gear key will not be blessed, but there might be a way/ingredient to make it blessed during the crafting process. You never know.