Author Topic: Shard Update Aug 09, 2019  (Read 547 times)

August 09, 2019, 08:13:43 AM

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In an effort to test as much as possible against the new Today System code... I forgot to move those files.  I will do an update on Monday I think so we can start doing full tests on that this week.  I do apologize.

Version 298
BaseWeapon Updated:  Process path where the Hit Fireball damage could be physical and not fire
Twisted Weald Mobiles Updated:  Irk and Eye drops adjusted (This is going to be an on going process with a few Peerless areas until we get it fine tuned)
Salya Deco Items Updated:  Added 67 new items
Vecna's Alter Updated:  Clean up some reward paths (This needs recoded)
Vecna Controller Updated:  Added new Alter flag
Powder Grinder Updated:  Improved the error handling

Version 297
Champion Alter Updated:  Old alter system from before my time.  Added data validation and error handling to the timer, still investigating a few items regarding this.
Kas Bone Powder Updated:  Issue how the powder of discovering which Dragon Cloak was being targeted.
Dragon Cloak Updated: Data not preserved correctly once cloak is completed (Internal issue, does not effect the cloak)