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July 12, 2019, 04:41:40 PM

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  Hello to all my old readers; and a warm greeting to all my new, soon to be, fans. It was not to recently that I returned—per Dante’s request--to the take up my trusty quill, once again for the UOE Herald, and inform the uninformed about the happenings of Evolution.

  If you were wondering where I’ve been, then know I have been gaining many levels in maturity. On top of that, I’ve recently become a father to a healthy baby boy! Life has a funny way of just happening right in front of you, yah know. The trick, I’ve found, is remembering to enjoy life. GAME all day, but live for the moment.
  For my first piece back, I thought I would bring back an old favorite; the Q&A with staff. This time around, though, I thought I would shorten the question list—to just 5—to make things a little more manageable; due to my fatherly time restraints. A lot of things have changed, improved, or handed out additional death robes since the last Q&A with Kane; so, I figured we should sit down and speak with him first. Here we go with the first instalment of Kane’s Five on Friday 2019.

Sturger: Today’s topic is: Dungeons

1. Are there plans to improve the quality of UOE’s existing dungeons? More specifically; plans for improved decorum, monster difficulty, and area development.

Kane: Yes, in general, I would like to see each of the old OSI dungeons reworked. We have plans to do Dungeon Freezes. This process would reduce dungeon item counts and the lag that goes along with those numbers. Basically, when a dungeon freeze is done, we are turning off the item value—of said item—and making it a visual static value. Think of it like this, instead of your computer having to account for the decorative items found inside New Shame dungeon, the evolution server will manage those visual aids instead, which will hopefully reduce save times and lag.
  In addition to making player/dungeon interaction run smoother, I eventually want each of the old OSI dungeons built around a working theme. Each theme would be specific to a dungeon and carry with it an end game boss. Monster & treasure chest loot tables would also match the theme of the dungeon, potentially with the added bonus of dungeon specific augmentation drops; like what can be found in the bottom of New Shame dungeon.
  When it comes to dungeon development, it is something I like to do in phases; adding the right detail, creature, or thing when the timing is right. Make sure to keep this in mind, if you find yourself in a dungeon that has a relatively open/empty feeling to it. In time, something new might show up, so check back often.
  To wrap this question up, I’d just like to mention that I have plans to build upon my levelable monster idea. In the future I’d like to see all monsters with the ability to level up, if the right criteria are met.

Sturger: Continuing on further into this inquisitive dungeon—of sorts—my second question is about the static versus interactive interface of a basic dungeon.

2. Considering the following aspects of player/dungeon interaction: lootable dungeon chests/crates, the potential for item stealing, and the nuance of empty dungeon chests/crates… What could the player base expect to see happening, in the future, to their favorite dungeons.

Kane: My answer to this question is similar to the first question asked of me tonight. First, I want to rework the loot tables of dungeon chests/crates and base it around a dungeon specific theme. Once that is done, I see the code—which applies said interactive containers to the dungeon—being changed/improved upon to add new interactive container types to the possibility of outcomes list. Basically, what was always a barrel, crate, or wooden/metal chest yesterday would become a pouch, interactive corpse, or fancy armoire tomorrow; in addition to the default containers I previously listed.
  Adding new stealable items to a dungeon is always a possibility. Stealables can be fun, if put in the right place, but I leave that aspect of a dungeon to Domino, since most stealable items are decorations found inside many of the dungeons already. You just need to know where to look.

  When other staff and I talk about the empty chests found in dungeons, the verdict is often yes versus no. Each point is valid. Getting rid of those chests would certainly improve item count, lag, and leave room for other things to be put into the empty chests/crates place. However, taking them out—and replacing them with full chests—might disrupt the decorative atmosphere, or even worse, leave the player base with the sense that there is always a reward to be found in this spot. Risk versus reward is the idea I would prefer to adopt in this situation. Risk yourself versus the dangers of a dungeon to find the rewards inside, which happen to be scattered about and rarely in the same place twice. Half of the fun of dungeon diving is the challenges that await players inside, isn’t it? Having said that, when a rework is done to any of the dungeons that need it, I am sure a few empty chests will be removed as needed.

Sturger: Well said Kane! I can hardly wait for a new dungeon to dive into. Which takes us to today’s third question and further into the unknown. Okay fine, you got me! We’ve all been there, at least once: Despise.

3. Will we ever figure out who, or what, is contaminating (Trammel) Despise; or is figuring this out a lost cause?

Kane: That is a good question. The changes made to that dungeon were done by a staff member whom is no longer part of the staff. It is possible that we might redo/continue working on dungeon Despise changes in the future, but for now, additional changes are on hold for the moment.

Sturger: I would certainly think myself a coward if I didn’t have at least one question concerning Felucca Dungeons.

4.That bravely said, the fourth question of the night has me wondering about the proverbial Felucca dungeon treasure chest system. These chests stick out like a sore thumb--should you ever find one—and I was wondering why you set up Felucca dungeon chests to stick out so plainly?

Kane: To be honest, I did not create that system. It was put in long before I arrived. I have, of course, altered/improved the loot table code for said Felucca dungeon chests. Again, the dungeon chests and their respective loot tables, will go through changes in the future to help maintain economic balance. Each change will also fit in according to that dungeons current theme.
  My last thought on this question is just a reminder. I do intend to make all dungeon style chests/crates into much more then the original thought OSI started with. I would do this of course by adding/using more containers then OSI original used. “Now where did I put that magically trapped pouch, full of power scroll skulls.”

Sturger: The final question of the evening is a good one. It covers how we are all getting out of this (Fel) dungeon, once the interview is over. Did anyone bring a personal teleporter? Hmmm! Anyone.!.?

5. Kane, is it finally time to allow everyone the ability to recall, out of areas—in Felucca—considered to be Felucca dungeons?

Kane: The short answer to that question is: I’m not sure; which is then followed by a maybe. It might be something I could worked on in the future, but it would be a reward for doing an epic task and then only last a short period of time. So, in order to maintain that ability—recalling in or out of say (Fel) Shame for instance—you would have to repeat doing the epic task.
 I would however, suggest all players do the newly revised peerless quest chain. Which Domino and I have worked on that for a little over 2 years now. One of the higher end rewards is a personal teleporter, but the teleporter is only one of the high end item among many, which players can earn by completing  the newly revised peerless quest chain.

(FoF) Extras

Sturger: With all of my questions answered and notes securely noted or imprinted to memory, there was still time to chat with Kane. Here are some key points of interests:

~~Kane mentioned he would be on vacation for a few weeks coming up. (I guess Dante let him out of his basement dungeon)
[When asked about the way he writes down his (Friday) patch notes]

  Kane said: “Those notes are not just for the player base to read. Sure, it helps them stay informed of new content. But I also post the notes as a visual que for myself, so that if an idea comes along and fits better, or instead, complements the now old code, I have a written memory to fall back on. In a way it’s a way for me to reconnect with the original thoughts I had while I was writing the old code and thus pick up where I left off. Then I can apply the old with the new and make a better length of code, which eventually turns out to be all the custom content players love or hate to enjoy when they log into UOE.

[Preview Question] Monsters

 1. Do you have a simple and complex answer to improving the monster content currently in game.
Kane: …Pack instincts for weaker creatures. …and possibly some improved features granted to old and new monster types. The ability for additional monster types to level up… you know the usual stuff like that.
Well that is all we have for you this week my friends and new fans. Make sure to find your way back to the forums next week when we discover all the answers to: Kane’s Five on Friday’s [Monster] questions.

 —Sturger— Editor UOE-Herald