Author Topic: Shard Update June 14, 2019  (Read 202 times)

June 14, 2019, 07:47:25 AM

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It would of been pointless to test the Today System last week because already could see the complaints I would get until I finished the functionality needed.  So there will be a few test rounds this week.

Version 292Deco Deeds Added: 89 new items
Everlasting Gold Panning Added:  This tool has unlimited uses
Peerless Anguish Set Added:  New set done by Thadius for the new Peerless System
Themed Sets Added: Minstrel/Virtuoso (Thadius)
Dynamic Checking Updated:  Now can handle checking vs a list of objects
Today System Updated: Allow for turning in something in group/pool
Harvest System Updated:  Handling Everlasting tools
Base Harvest Tool Updated: Several existing props were dead (Poorly coded)