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May 18, 2019, 07:27:11 PM

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The Grand Auction is this Sunday the 19th at noon cst

Join us for Memorial Day Weekend! Watch for additional staff events announced in-game

May 24 - Memorial Day Weekend! - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday 7pm, Fishing Tournament 
May 25 - Memorial Day Weekend! - All Champion Spawns will be activated at the same time 7pm
May 26 - Memorial Day Weekend! - Fishing Tournament
May 27 - Memorial Day Events

>>>Daily Events<<<

*Triple Champ Spawn - Random Times
*2 Town Invasions Daily - Random Times
*2 Non-PVP Champion Spawns daily
*Random Power Hours Daily
*Fishing Tournament every other day at noon
*Public PVP Champ Event 6pm Daily
*New Player Event - Random Daily
*Daily Royal Hunts
*Daily Hide and Seek Events
*Grand Auction 3rd Sunday of each month at noon cst
*Watch for staff events announced in-game daily

New Content has been added along with a new interface
Use the [today command to open the gump

Additional commands:
[wiki opens the new in-game wiki
[market opens the virtual marketplace
[event opens the task menu

We have just added Update #285, see the wiki for details!

Join us in our official UO Evolution Discord Channel. Keep up with news and event information or just chat with your friends
Here is our Discord Channel Invite:
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