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May 10, 2019, 08:27:43 AM

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To say the least this was a massive update, 2 new systems completely unique to UO.   Aspects of designing, solving and coding has been in progress for over 3 years working towards updating the flaws of crafting and bring modern play mechanics to a 25 year old game.  The key thing is without forcing or removing the original points of UO that many have come to love.  Like we will not be removing the existing craft system that involves runic tools but instead based on what you desire to craft and create will determine what system is best for you.  The Today system will allow players to easily access many unique features of Evolution and complete against players during events.
This weekend/Week/Month myself and staff will be testing different things and bringing them online.  First will be the Mother's Day event, we have some new deco for rewards plus some very critical components to the recipe craft system that you will need as you explore the new systems.  Then as we test new components the reward tables will be updated (No restarted needed if things are approved).  If we need to do an update to resolve an  issue I will usually wait until the next morning.  My goal is to move this along as fast as possible while not interfering with playing.
I hope everyone enjoys

Version 285
Base Weapon Updated:  Lost and Found qualifications altered, removed the bless check
Base Armor Updated:  Lost and Found qualifications altered, removed the bless check
Player Mobile Updated:  Changed the logon process for new systems
Flurry Updated:  Bad Body and Hue values
MOTD Updated:  No longer is running at Logon
Daily Event System Updated:  Now checks for the Today System to see if something needs to be triggered
Base Glyph Stone Updated:  Expanded functionality to handle crafting ingredients
Merchant Framework Updated:  Added Today Event tracker
Gear Key [Backpack] Added:  The ability to hold 1 complete gear suit in a single item.  Dress at the press of a button with no internet lag and no chance of items caught in the client buffer.
Bank Vault Keys {Ingredients for Gear Key] Added:  Ingredients for crafting Gear Key, each can ahve 0-3 layers added to the key when crafting (More info in the discord dev channel)
Gear Key [Backpack] Recipe Added:  Crafting scroll for the Gear Key (More info in the discord dev channel)
Today System Added:  Currently only has 1 event (Taming) but once this is tested more event types will be added.  Not only can you earn rewards by doing the event but addition rewards by competing against other players and being a top finisher.  Plus has helpful information and easy access to other custom systems.  You will see it at logon and can access by the command [today
Version 287
Today System Updated: Gives out rewards based on placement in ranking

Version 286
Today System Updated:  Corrected placement of players within the ranking system
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