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April 19, 2019, 03:51:59 PM

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Pet Wars has returned! Test your Pet's skill against other Tamers! Win or lose, everyone gets a prize! Don't want to participate? That's fine! Go on upstairs, take a seat, and watch the action unfold! Hosts: Rhoslyn and James

Dates: 2nd/4th Saturday, 6 PM Server Time! Type [time in game! 1 Winner, 1 Runner-Up, and Particpation Prizes each Event!

Location: Moongate>Quests, Events, & Games>Pet Wars Arena {Felucca] PM Rhoslyn if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

Notes: This is a SANCTIONED Event. No PK, Stealing, or Looting Allowed! Buy a Pet Wars Deed from any Tamer, and add it to your Pet BEFORE it gains any experience!

Pets: *Max Level for Drake/Dragon is 20! Can tame a 20+, but DO NOT train above 20!

May 11: Drake, L20 May 11: Bonus Event: Random Pet supplied to all who wish to participate. Last one standing wins!

May 25: Dragon, L20

June 08: Rune Beetle, L30

June 22: 5-Pack of Desert/Forest Ostards, L30. *Training 5 will take a while, but you have 8 weeks to do so! SEE PINNED POST FOR RULES!
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