Author Topic: Happy Easter Weekend!  (Read 838 times)

April 19, 2019, 09:56:37 AM

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Happy Easter Weekend!

We will be doing events all Easter Weekend, log in and join in on the fun!

The Grand Easter Auction is this Sunday at noon!

Meet at Britain bank, Sunday at 7pm cst, dressed in your Sunday best clothing for a screenshot and events!

Double ED for any donations Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Happy Holiday and thank you for the support of this project!

April 19 - Good Friday - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday 7pm
April 20 - All Champion Spawns will be activated at the same time 7pm
April 21 - Easter Sunday, Grand Auction at noon cst + events
April 22 - Fishing Tournament

We have just added Update #283, see the wiki for details!
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